Razer Gear Up For Grabs in Cebu this Weekend of June 20 to 21


Hey Cebu gamers! If you’re free this weekend, head on over to Livewire Internet Cafe, Sanchiangko St., Cebu City (Next to University of Cebu). The Friendster and Drakensang team are going there for a cool event of gaming, raffle, tournaments and awesome Razer prizes!

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There’s Just Sooo Many Games


A growing video game industry is a good thing, with variety and all. But sometimes, in hindsight, I feel that is ALSO a bad thing. With literally hundreds of thousands of titles and hundreds of gaming companies – not to mention, the game types such as online, MMORPG, console, mobile, etc. – one will virtually have a headache trying to figure out which game to try, purchase and continue playing.

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Are Internet Cafes Still a Viable Business?


Back in 2005, my wife and I opened our Internet Cafe a block away from our home. It did really well. We upgraded the computers thrice, expanded operations, downsized it and had mishaps such as grand theft-burglary and unscrupulous employees. We had our share of challenges but we managed to make a decent amount of profit.

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Winning My First Two Hearthstone Tournaments


For the past couple of months, I’ve been really, really engrossed with Blizzard’s newest game, Hearthstone. And so is the rest of the world, with 10 million users! At any rate, my hard work, research and dedication paid off with a back-to-back win of tournaments this weekend. Wuzzzah!

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An Insight Into Online Digital Photography


Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Good Photographer?

Can you say that you have the qualities of becoming a good photographer? Do you love taking pictures of anything that catches your fancy? Do you prefer to be behind the camera and not on its front? How do you look at things? Do you do it in artful ways and vivid colors? Do you use to Photoshop to enhance photos?  If you say YES on all these questions, it’s possible that you can be good in photography.

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Bored? Watch This Documentary About Bacon


Bacon. We love it. But maybe we all love it less than them Americans who are eating more bacon than ever before. Check out the full documentary after the break…

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Valve Produces A Movie About DOTA 2 and E-Sports


E-sports has come a long way. Now, athletes are considered professionals, have thousands of fans and the competition is stronger than ever before. Enter “FREE TO PLAY” a documentary/movie about 3 players on their part to win the most important tournament of their lives. Check out the trailer after the jump.

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This Turkish Car Insurance TVC Will Blow Your Mind Away


I won’t spoil it for you. Hit jump to watch the vid.

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Asiasoft Buys Level Up Philippines


Asiasoft, one of the leading online game operators in South East Asia has acquired a 70 percent stake in local online game publisher, Level Up!

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Flappy Bird: The Game You Love To Hate


Everyone is playing Flappy Bird these days! And they HATE it! They hate is sooo much that they love it! Now, I’m getting confused…

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