Steam Now Localized. Prices in Pesos


Recently, Steam, the world’s biggest game distribution service, rolled out its price localization for the Philippines.

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Free Apps for Newbie Entrepreneurs


Filipinos have joined the bandwagon as well. We’ve seen the rise of homegrown, budget smartphones and tablets because of the astounding features they give. Aside from keeping us connected through social media apps and letting us take a gazillion number of selfies, these gadgets are formidable when it comes to helping us do our tasks.

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Ankama’s Wakfu Now Available in Steam this September


Wakfu has a nice little spot in my gaming heart. With cute characters, deep gameplay and awesome re-playability, this is certainly one game that will go places. And true enough, my friends at Ankama have taken Wakfu to a whole new level by making it available in Steam, the world’s biggest game distribution website.

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Asiasoft-Level Up Announces Strife Open Beta


Asiasoft/Level Up recently announced the Open Beta of its latest MOBA offering, Strife.

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Catch Disney Live! Presents Three Classic Fairy Tales on Sept 10 to 14


Last month (July), I was recently at Disneyland (Anaheim) with my wife and family. And it was one awesome experience for all of us. Am glad that my friends from Limitless Ventures told me that they’re bringing the Disney experience to the Philippines!

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How To Drive In Metro Manila Philippines


Having the opportunity to drive in other countries (especially the US) opened my eyes to how horrible our local traffic laws, systems and “culture” really is. Here are some pointers for those who will be brave enough to drive the streets of Metro Manila (notably foreigners).  All I can say is, good luck and I hope you don’t get “culture shock”.

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Ankama Patches Enurado, the Golden Realm, for Wakfu


Early this year, I wrote about the launch of this great new online game Wakfu from my good friends over at Ankama. Now, they’re updating their game with one of the most anticipated patches yet – Enurado, the Golden Realm.

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Friendster Launches Magic Campus OBT


Friendster, who recently switched into an online gaming provider from its social media roots, has announced the open beta release of their newest title, Magic Campus.

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Predicting Awesome Mix Tape Vol. 2


Guardians of the Galaxy was an awesome movie! And this post is NOT a review of that. We all know how great the movie is and how well Disney, Marvel, and director James Gunn took an obscure set of comic-book heroes and turned them into worldwide celebrities. (Everyone is going gaga in anticipation of the Groot Toy!).

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Razer Gear Up For Grabs in Cebu this Weekend of June 20 to 21


Hey Cebu gamers! If you’re free this weekend, head on over to Livewire Internet Cafe, Sanchiangko St., Cebu City (Next to University of Cebu). The Friendster and Drakensang team are going there for a cool event of gaming, raffle, tournaments and awesome Razer prizes!

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