Will USB Flash Drives Be A Thing Of The Past?

USB flash drives are cheap. Dirt cheap in fact. For a couple of years, it has evolved from being a techy gadget to a normal device that’s prevalent in society… and (almost) everyone has one. But, is it the end for the USB stick pretty soon?

Kit Eaton’s article says yes. The USB will soon be a thing of the past.

He writes:

To understand why, you’ve only got to look at how ubiquitous they are now. They’re a handful of dollars at your convenience store, novelty designs compete with austere ones, and they’re thrown around like confetti as promos at tradeshows. Any tech that’s got to this level of commodity is due to be banished to the history books. It’s just the way of things.

The author then cites two reasons which may lead to the USB stick’s demise

  1. The growth of mobile technology
  2. Cloud storage (in this case, Dropbox).

It’s more convenient to just drop a file into Dropbox and then have it in the “cloud”. You may then retrieve that same file from any PC.

I started to use Dropbox around a year-and-a-half ago and I can say that it really helped and lessened my need to lug my USB drive with me.

But I think that USB drives will still be used as storage media. Until everyone has blazing fast mobile connections and the ability to put bigger files on mobile devices, then the common USB flash drive may be with us for quite some time.

Keen on seeing how cloud computing and Dropbox upgrade their systems and services in the near future, though.

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