Why Kids Can’t Stop Playing Tom and Jerry Games Online

Here’s a guest post from my new online friend, Rossette Summer>> The most famous cat and mouse in the world, Tom and Jerry, have been keeping kids entertained for generations. Online Tom and Jerry games have brought the classic cartoon right up to date. Kids today just can’t stop playing.
Tom and Jerry get a Modern Makeover
The cute but smart mouse, Jerry and his arch enemy, the cunning cat called Tom, are among the best-loved of all cartoon characters and Tom and Jerry online games have brought the pair bang up to date for today’s tech-savvy kids. The crafty critters’ online incarnations are every bit as entertaining as the classic cartoons. Children who can’t get enough of Tom and Jerry’s onscreen cartoon antics can now continue the fun with Tom and Jerry games. The pair’s online escapades in games such as The Great Cheese Chase, Food Fight and Run, Jerry, Run! and Trap-o-Matic have been huge hits with children. Once they get a taste for the online fun, they just won’t want to stop playing! The games are interactive and stimulating as well as being fun, with players able to help scheming Tom try to catch quick-thinking Jerry by laying the perfect trap or to help Jerry. Like most mice, little Jerry is a big fan of cheese, but there’s just one problem – Tom. This crafty cat only likes rodents on his dinner plate and there’s nothing he would like more than to wolf down the poor little mouse. Every time Jerry tries to snaffle a piece of tasty cheese from the fridge, Tom lies in wait, plotting ways to trap his archenemy.
The Tom and Jerry games online pick up where the cartoon fun leaves off, with kids getting interactive in the pair’s antics and adventures. Younger children can play colouring-in games, where they can use their online skills to make the cat and mouse look as colourful as possible. Other games are designed with older children in mind, allowing them to put their thinking caps on and pit their wits against Tom, Jerry, or other enemies such as house cleaners and big barking dogs!
Whilst some children playing Tom and Jerry games online will want to take Jerry’s side, protecting the little mouse against the big bad cat, others will prefer to play Tom’s role, plotting and planning to finally catch that mischievous, cheese-loving mouse.
Fun Challenges for Children
The online Tom and Jerry games are designed to get kids’ brains working as they try to find new ways for Tom and Jerry to get out of trouble. As the players pit their wits against online enemies, it’s not hard to see why children get really addicted to tackling online problems, or even just a spot of online colouring in. The games are free to play online on the Cartoon Network website, so there’s no limit to the amount of times they can play. Once they’ve got the knack of one Tom and Jerry online game, kids automatically want to move on to the next challenge, so take note – these games can become seriously addictive!
About the Author:
Rosette is a freelance entertainment writer who regularly contributes to a range of TV and gaming blogs and websites. She has loved Tom and Jerry cartoons since she was a child and now her own two children are hooked on Tom and Jerry games!



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