Valkyrie Now Online

Valkyrie - Philippine Ragnarok Online’s Free-to-Play server is now up and running as of 6:30pm today. We’re having record numbers – more than the last 3 months!

From conception to reality, this project is more than 1 year in the making.

I just went inside the game. It’s been a while since I played RO (yup, too busy dudes) and it really is nostalgic to see all those novices in the training area. Trying to go through the “courses” to get novice gear and red pots.

The fields with the Fabres and Porings just outside the training castle is just crazy! There’s a gaggle of Novices all looking for parties and trying to level up.


If you still don’t have Valkyrie, go ahead and download it. You won’t regret it.

Meanwhile, I’d like to thank a lot of people who made this project a reality…

First let’s start with Ragnarok’s new “secret weapon” – Carlo “Waukeen” Ople, the Brand Manager who never fails to surprise me with his revolutionary ideas and his leadership. Thanks, Wauks for staying strong and being true to your passion and love for the game.

Kudos also goes to the rookie, Rob Yatco. Rob’s enthusiasm and will to learn is a fresh addition to the RO team. While learning the ropes, he has adapted fast and has learned the “ins and outs” of the business. The pRO team is lucky to have a hard-working dude like Rob.

Then there’s the fantastic Game Managers – GM Jibrielle and Erwin T. Thanks to these guys, the world of Midgard is always safe and is monitored. Their dedication to their work and their integrity is beyond compare. I salute both Jhanice and Erwin!

And also, there’s the “soul” of the game, the Community Managers – WinterTsuki and Bubbles. Again, I always see them burning the midnight oil and staying up late at the office just to finish the tons of forms and requirements for all the events. Their work and dedication has taken them to the different corners of the Philippines while spreading the benefits of Ragnarok and MMORPGs to the masses. Thank you Blue and Bubbles for your hard work and love for the game. With them, our RO GMs – Donald, Ace and Ruth for doing all the “dirty work” as a GM. They do patrols, check accounts, award prizes and answer the millions of tickets just to keep you guys happy. Of course, there’s Andy and Jin, our support team from Gravity – they’ve been more than a source of “solutions”. They’ve become close friends and part of the Level Up Family.

They say that work here in Level Up is all play. I say that work here is truly work. It’s not for the weak of heart, it’s not for people without vision, and it’s not for those who do not share the passion and love for games, gamers and the joy that these things give us.

Again, my thanks to everyone in the team!

Great work guys! You deserve all the credit.

Photo By: Master Diwa 

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  • _LP

    I created an account and try this. I’m really surprised I don’t know how to control my character! :lol: It’s really been a long time.

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  • GM T

    Hahaha! It’s like riding a bike, my friend. You’ll remember it in no time. Ako rin kanina ganun!

  • DeSquallie

    First day in Valkyrie reminded me of Chaos beta.

    Everything seems to be running smoothly, except that whenever I go into a portal, my hotkeys is empty and I have to re-arrange the skills again everytime the loading screen comes up. I guess there’s a slight glitch but the new chat system works great ^_^

    Still, I’m seeing educated people have their brains dumped in the trash bin. They come up to you while you’re attacking a monster then they kill-steal it and shout at you with, “oi bot.” Others just simply know me by name and say, “Balik ka na sa Thor, pabayaan ninyo na kami dito.”

    Just sharing the good and the bad experiences of the first day in Valk, just like first day of school where alot of students take their first step inside the premesis (Midguard in Valkyrie) ^_^

  • GM T

    That’s good to hear. ill inform them of the hotkey glitch

  • DeSquallie

    Just for clarification, is the Kafra Teleport Service to another town disabled? Can’t seem to find the option when I use the Kafra. :) If that’s the case, why is the NPC at the training grounds still handing out Warp Free Tickets? Kinda odd. /heh

  • Ehrgeiz

    I’m really shocked by the number of players played Valkyrie, Well i think its the way to say “Well done”
    Valkyrie Team.

  • Castigador

    I miss the old days. Uber-novice rush @ the pic. I won’t be coming back though, RO2 is what I’m waiting for. Wish you guys the best of luck!

  • Blackwolf

    RO was a nice start for me. Ended nicely too with my virtual wedding. I should have a look-see in Chaos or Odin (if they still exist – I don’t remember what survived the server merge).

    Oh well, time to move on. :)

  • sylv3rblade

    Amf! That’s simply classic. A novice grudge match!

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  • Disclaimer baka may magalit…

    I was sooooo excited about valkyrie… (Being free means more players and there is the probability of my “Quit” friends playing again) the first day… I was just having fun but then again… WTH ! ! ! this is a free server right?? why are there bots? does that mean I can make 40 accts and bot em all without the vanguards complaining?! … what a disappointment.. some of my friends really did play again… and stopped after seeing the bots… please no bots /sob… I’m not saying this coz I’m unable to bot, coz if it’s just botting I can bot 24/7 but then again… it spoils the fun… thanks anyway…

  • ray

    help me pls,game guard error… pls give me a web site where i can download RO gam guard, tnx

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  • Hunt3r

    can u tell me where to download valkyrie RO coz i can’t download it in the official site the site takes me to page cannot be found

  • fred

    ei GM.. puro sprite error.. amf

  • ynzzie88

    hey. where can i find another website with a full client on valkyrie ro? it keeps taking me on the same page where it is “page cannot be found.” where can i find another one?

  • Feihl

    if i press download full client…after 5 seconds.. it will be a page cannot be found

  • christian alayon

    need help.. i need an updater for my seems that when i click the patcher this come out”Failed to connect server” what will i do?? help!!!! Email me at

  • Dorthea Osterlund

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  • Mandy Madara

    Philippine Ragnarok Renewal 100% Working Openkore Bot
    WORKING AS OF 10/22/2010

    – getting disconnected while in map server
    – Compatible for renewal episode of RO any server.
    – Fixed macro plugins. (now working) :D

    Future update
    – Ks’ing bot
    – Fixed unknown packet
    – I’ll try to fix it with wxstart.exe

    Step1: Save at Aldebaran
    Step2: When you are in a Battleground map Click start.exe.
    The Bot will work.

    Download Here:

  • Ramon Flores

    page cannot be found po! pls pakishare naman sakin kung pano po makadownload ng valkyrie. i really like this RO. pakisend po sakin. eto po yung email ko.

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