Trash Talking: Necessary Evil?

It doesn’t matter what game you play. As long as it’s online and you have human counterparts either as opponents or team mates, you will never be spared from the likes of

“what a noob!!!” or “lame play, weakling!” or “bobo” (tagalog for moron).

Some can argue that talking trash is a necessary evil in an online environment while some will insist that there is very little respect in the online world.

Which side are you on?

Eversince online play began, trash talking has always been there. This is more evident in versus-types of games such as FPS or RTS. But MMORPGs have their fair share of trash talkers.

In fact, whenever I play an MMO with my personal character (not my GM avatar), I get around a dozen or so cuss words within the hour. Personally, I am irritated by those. Some hardcore players are “challenged” by the trash talk and drive their characters or game to insane levels to pawn their opponents. Why? So they could “return the favor” and open a little can of whoop-ass and do the trash talking themselves. Imagine it as a “trophy” of sorts and you will get the picture.

Of course, I am not saying that demeaning a fellow human with words is a good thing. Most certainly not. All I’m saying is that trash talking is part of the game. Perhaps a good barometer is simply what I call the “golden rule” in an online gaming environment “RESPECT”.

Learn the true meaning of this and you get it in return.

Of course, respect can not be bought… it is always earned.

What about you? What are your stories about trash talking and where do you stand?

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  • Blackwolf

    Trash talk is the refuge of children with malformed phalluses.

  • priss

    as a GM (Guild Master).

    whenever they start taslking trash / cuss..
    i always remind them to control it and not to speak too much..


  • Dj_BB

    (whether we like it or not, in the so called dualism of the universe)

    6 words “thats just the way it is”
    3 words “everything must exist”

    in this case, without em trash talkin` son of a #@!^%#$, our universe:
    1. ain’t gonna be complete;
    2. will be a dull place to exist in
    3. apathetic

    then again.. we can live without em.

    But I’ll just go back to my 3 words and eventually the 6 words.

  • Paul

    Whenever I encounter someone who has this genetically abnormal trash talking mouth. I just let them try to irritate me while I sit beside him/her and do nothing. I guess we all know the feeling of giving love and having nothing in return right? BWAHAHAHAHA!

  • Aerionn Brightmoon

    trash talkers don’t “have it”. those who do let their deeds do the talking.

  • Terrapixel

    this sorta reminds me of this season’s PBB…nung nag-”trash talk” ung isang taga-iskwater dun na nagngangalang Wendy…my view…wak na lng patulan…

  • fatman

    I usually send a ticket to CS when somebody “whispers” trash-talk to me, specially if it’s unprovoked, meaning I was quietly AFK vending somewhere. So if some CS guy complains to you, GM T., about a player who keeps sending tickets, the player’s probably me. :D

    Otherwise, if it’s a public statement, I always assume it was meant for someone else and I don’t interfere.

    Personally, I feel that trash-talkers are trying to hide their own insecurities. The best players almost never trash-talk unless provoked.

  • Blood

    Trash talking is fun LOL! Really, it’s just burst of emotion(imo) so let’s stop putting ourselves on pedestal and see trash talkers as trash(lol?)

    It’s like having a close fight and luckily you win then you burst out ASA palakas kapa boy(or something like that). Does it make you a bad person? lol

    People should just cope up with the world.

  • GM T

    and how should one exactly “cope”?

    Thanks for the feedback, sir. =)

  • distrust

    well.. my story..? hmm…

    once i was sitting in a corner when this guy spamming that we all suck.. and then he requested a duel (i don’t know if he did it to everyone), and i rejected it.. then there he goes throwing trash talks on me saying he’s the best.

    imho,. trash talkers are just some retards who are SO lame irl that they try to prove and show everyone ingame that they’re the best.. ^_^V

  • Chromie

    trashtalkers are most of the time if not all KSP imo.

  • Ryan

    Everyone gets a share of trash talking everywhere, whether you’re on this game or that game, you even get them in real life…

  • Davion

    well you can’t really remove trashtalking.. like what i’ve read.. if you can’t beat them.. join em.. err somewhat.. i mean, i myself would find it weird to be in an environment where there would be no trashtalking.. it simply isn’t real anymore.. at least in my terms.. at the very least, i try to return the favor by “insulting their intelligence with extremely complicated English?” XD

  • GM T

    i like that style… hehe

  • headtrip

    Trashtalking is there to stay but It is not something that I would ever do. Sarcasm is much more my style. In an environment where no one can really role play, trash talking is not a good way to earn your reputation points. It is childish, immature at best. Those who get their kicks by trash talking can not or dont have a the capacity to create witty comebacks or awesome lines.

  • Eljon

    Trash talking is for those players that thinks of themselves very far superior than others.. They feel that they had mastered the game and they are the best there is.. It is like bragging and showing their boastfulness.. Instead of trash talking like saying what a noob or bobo to other players, maybe the ‘MASTERS’ can share something to those who they call ‘NOOBS’… That way, they can help others. Or instead of saying to someone they defeated in PVP ‘ASA’ or ‘BOBO’, maybe they can say nice game. Everyone should be nice.

  • Viza

    I tend to ignore them. If the chatbubbles are excessive and interfering with my ability to see what’s going on I use the game’s ignore feature to turn them off 8)

    I think people act like this because they don’t like themselves and have low self esteem. Just my opinion…

    Either way you shouldn’t take it personal and let it get to you. It’s just some fool acting like a twit and it’s just a game.

    If I get beat, I usually message the person with a “GF” (good fight) message. If I own them I say the same thing. It’s my guild’s policy. You are a reflection of your guild so you should always treat people with respect, courtesy, and honor, especially if they beat you in PvP. They’ve earned it. If they act like a fool, be the bigger person and ignore it. If you act like a fool, you just make yourself look like an idiot.


  • Armand

    TrashTalking is very good thing to do. It is like tauting to lure your enemies to your hands.That the way DOTA is. but still,ain’t a good thing :)

  • Lessonman

    THRASH TALKING IS IRRITATING! IT GETS UNDER MY SKIN….Especially, if you see 7 year old keyboard warriors talking shit like, mga putang ina nyo, gago, bobo.

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