Trash Talking: Necessary Evil?

It doesn’t matter what game you play. As long as it’s online and you have human counterparts either as opponents or team mates, you will never be spared from the likes of

“what a noob!!!” or “lame play, weakling!” or “bobo” (tagalog for moron).

Some can argue that talking trash is a necessary evil in an online environment while some will insist that there is very little respect in the online world.

Which side are you on?

Eversince online play began, trash talking has always been there. This is more evident in versus-types of games such as FPS or RTS. But MMORPGs have their fair share of trash talkers.

In fact, whenever I play an MMO with my personal character (not my GM avatar), I get around a dozen or so cuss words within the hour. Personally, I am irritated by those. Some hardcore players are “challenged” by the trash talk and drive their characters or game to insane levels to pawn their opponents. Why? So they could “return the favor” and open a little can of whoop-ass and do the trash talking themselves. Imagine it as a “trophy” of sorts and you will get the picture.

Of course, I am not saying that demeaning a fellow human with words is a good thing. Most certainly not. All I’m saying is that trash talking is part of the game. Perhaps a good barometer is simply what I call the “golden rule” in an online gaming environment “RESPECT”.

Learn the true meaning of this and you get it in return.

Of course, respect can not be bought… it is always earned.

What about you? What are your stories about trash talking and where do you stand?


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