Top 10 Signs That You’re an MMORPG Addict

When I was in Bacolod, I preached about excessiveness.

Too much of anything is really bad. And that applies to games as well.
Here’s an attempt to copy The Tonight Show and David, with my own, original  “Top 10 Signs that you’re an MMORPG addict”

The countdown after the jump.


10. When you see pets, you wonder what items they’ll drop if you kill them

9.  Dogs, if you kill them, seem to give higher EXP than cats

8. When your mom asks you to buy something at the store – you think it’s a quest

7. Your teachers or boss is considered to be a tough NPC

6. All your friends and co-workers smile back at you with the “…” expression

5. Stuck in traffic, you wish that you had the Teleport ability

4. If wounded, your first thought is ask the medic for a heal potion

3. At mass, you wonder if the priest can give you “buffs” or raise you from the dead

2. Cars are for noobs! You either walk or fly

1. At the grocery, you look at each item and figure out if the combined weight will fit with your “bag” (cart)

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  • Noel

    wahahaha! guilty ako sa items 5 & 4. One time when my friend was commuting (his car broke down) and he texted me to say he is in traffic, I offered to “summon” him to the office hahaha. Then again, we usually refer to his regular injections to fight off his allergy as “potting”.

  • Noel

    GM T, wala bang “email to a friend” option itong blog mo? ok din kasi yun, additional audience

  • mustlovecats

    actually gm T, meron dapat tayong sariling version nyan eh.. i mean yung pang pRO talaga, at yung totoong nangyayare.. eto sample

    1. irl, you get fond of saying the 3As– “aw”, “asa” and “amp” (very common)
    2. you say “vadon”, instead of “alimasag” (happened to me in baguio, nung nag bakashon kami ng mga kaguild ko, kumain kami sa may burnham)
    3. you pat your boyfriend, pointing at a cockroach at sight and say “may thief bug! pakill!” (parehas kaming naglalaro)
    4. when with friends (ro players), you say “wala na kong zeny eh” when you run out of cash
    5. your mom calls you for dinner and you say “ma mamaya na may siege eh” (or your mom knows what “siege” means)
    6. when a conversation with ro friends heats up, someone will interrupt and say “pvp na yan o!”
    7. you sometimes call non-adult (and sometimes even adult) beggars “novices” (enge po ganito)
    8. on your way home with ro friends late at night, you say to your high priest friend “warp mo kame pauwi” (joking)
    9. you say “screenshot/screenie” instead of picture
    10. you call your friend “kafra” when he/she has everything you need inside his/her bag
    11. when your friend was sent home by his gf, you say “nag i’m missing you si ano e”
    12. you watched x3 (or was that x4?) and wondered why storm (halle berry) doesnt have a phen clip
    13. in a friend’s house, you call the dining area “emp room”, the food on the table being the “emperium”

    andami pa>

  • joel

    yey d aq mmorpg addict :P prng nasisiraan ng bait yung ibang signs sa top10.. lol xD

  • ChromeMox

    eheh asteg mga top ten na pang RO :)
    mern din dati sa old rf boards na ganyan. ndi ko ma alala ung iba pero e2 mga sampol:

    1. You are about to meet someone in a mall and you texted that person “chong ano coords mo?”

    2. pag naka kita ng pamaypay kala mo hora staff.

    3. pag naka kita ka ng alimango tawag mo pincer.

    4. nagmamadali maghapunan/tanghalian at gumigisang ng maaga para sa CW.

    5. pag nakakita ng talong kala mo talics.

    6. tawag mo sa peso na currency disena/dallant/cp.

    7. nag susuot ng kakaibang hikaw at ring thinking na may elemental resist at +atk/dodge/def

    limot ko na iba ehehe

  • Castigador

    Dun lang ako sa guilty sa teleport. Minsan mga kasama ko, sa DotA biruan namin, pag may biglang nawala sasabihin namin, “San kaya nag blink yun?”

  • fatman

    I sometime catch myself saying zeny, Ragnarok Online’s currency, instead of Pesos whenever I deal with money. At least checkbooks already write Pesos for you or I would have to cancel a few checks because I wrote zeny at the end. :D

  • ChromeMox

    ako din nung tumigil ako saglit sa rf at nag dota. nung bumalik ako sa rf may umaatake saken na gunner lagi ko na pe press ung “b” kala ko pede mag blink eheheh

  • Nina Ricci

    5. Stuck in traffic, you wish that you had the Teleport ability

    I do! I always hate traffic jam. Errr, who doesn’t?

  • chuckowski


    i’m so guilty! i always wish to teleport when i’m stuck in a traffic or in a very bad situation since wala ako car minsan i think sana pde sakyan mga aso or pusa (haha) and sometimes i refer to money as yuan (pw players) i think yuan din currency sa china.

  • AR™


    minsan nagagawa q rin yang mga yan eh…

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