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Top 10 Signs That You’re an MMORPG Addict | GmTristan.com

Top 10 Signs That You’re an MMORPG Addict

When I was in Bacolod, I preached about excessiveness.

Too much of anything is really bad. And that applies to games as well.
Here’s an attempt to copy The Tonight Show and David, with my own, original¬† “Top 10 Signs that you’re an MMORPG addict”

The countdown after the jump.


10. When you see pets, you wonder what items they’ll drop if you kill them

9.  Dogs, if you kill them, seem to give higher EXP than cats

8. When your mom asks you to buy something at the store – you think it’s a quest

7. Your teachers or boss is considered to be a tough NPC

6. All your friends and co-workers smile back at you with the “…” expression

5. Stuck in traffic, you wish that you had the Teleport ability

4. If wounded, your first thought is ask the medic for a heal potion

3. At mass, you wonder if the priest can give you “buffs” or raise you from the dead

2. Cars are for noobs! You either walk or fly

1. At the grocery, you look at each item and figure out if the combined weight will fit with your “bag” (cart)

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