The Man Who Killed Lord British

This tale is now a classic… a legend even, in the field of MMORPGs. First, let me introduce Lord British. Lord British is the character of Ultima Online creator Richard Garriot (yeah, the guy who wants to go to the moon).

The date was August 8, 1997 during beta testing of the game. Lord British’s royal visit was conducted as a part of server population stress test. A player character known as Rainz cast a spell called “fire field” on Lord British that, surprisingly, killed him.

Look at the now famous screenshot below and mark the chat; “HE DIED”. You can see the corpse just behind the raised portcullis in the lower left.

It was reported that Rainz was ultimately (pardon the pun) banned. But not for his actions against Lord British but for some other complaints from players.

Excerpts from his interview after the break.

When asked about his background, Rainz said

“I’m 23 and I run an Internet software consulting/development firm in Indianapolis. I don’t normally get the chance to get away from work much but UO beta has brought me out of my cocoon”

He recounted the incident below:

“The servers had just been taken down to prepare for the huge influx of players for the speech Lord British and Lord Blackthorne were giving throughout Britannia. When the servers came back up, I strolled through Britain with Helios, my fellow guild member. We headed to Blackthorne’s castle where the first speech was being given. LB, Blackthorne, and their jesters were up on a bridge orating to the masses. Unfortunately I wasn’t playing my mage character, so casting spells from a spellbook was out of the question. Luckily my character was a good thief who had high “stealing” skill. I desperately searched the backpacks of those around me and eventually came upon a fire field scroll. After that it was pretty simple, I just cast the scroll on the bridge and waited to see what would happen. Either LB or Blackthorne made the comment “hehe nice try”, can’t recall exactly who. It was a humorous sight and I expected to be struck down by lightning or have some other evil fate befall me. Instead I heard a loud death grunt as British slumped to his death. After that it was just pure mayhem, Blackthorne or another force summoned 4 daemons into the castle and people were dying left and right.”

Finally, when asked what he did after the nefarious deed;

“I hauled balls out of the region like there was no tomorrow.”

After this event there has been some reports that ordinary players have slain supposedly “unkillable” GMs. That never happened to me (though it came close).

You might know of some stories, eh? Care to share them below?

Btw, long live Rainz! You are now part of MMORPG history.

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