The GM T Crazy Kart CBT Giveaway Contest

A lot of people have been asking me for Crazy Kart CBT accounts.

And I’m more than willing to oblige.

Alrighty, girls and boys, this is your chance to get your FREE Crazy Kart CBT account… instantly.

All you have to do is comment below, write down your email address, and tell me why I should give you TWO (2) CBT accounts. And also, why you think Crazy Kart is such a cool game. There’s (almost) an unlimited number of CBT accounts, so the more comments the better. We will email you the CBT account username and passwords. But you can only play Crazy Kart if you download the installer at

Why am I giving 2 accounts per person? Of course, so you can share the other with a friend… got it?

Let ’em rip!

UPDATE: This contest is over. Since CK is now on OPEN BETA, you can now register for your own accounts. Details are here. Thanks.


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