Tech Predictions in 2012 That I Got Right


Around this time a year ago, I wrote 10 tech and Internet predictions for 2012. Seems I got a majority of them right! Woot!

I posted my Top 10 Tech Predictions for 2012 around a year ago.

Now, let’s see what I got right, shall we?

  1. Apple will rule the world – kinda obvious here. Apple is now one of the biggest tech companies. Thanks to their cash cow products, the iPhone and the iPad.
  2. Facebook will be the standard login – more and more apps, sites and solutions are using FB as a simple way to log-in. Gone are the days of filling up a registration form for every site, internet service or game.
  3. Microsoft and Nokia will make a comeback – The Windows Phone Lumia is proof of this. Although they still have a lot of work to do if they want to eat up from the pie owned by Apple and Samsung
  4. Digital Marketing Rise – there are now a lot of agencies that hired “Digital Marketing” czars and have opened up their services to add digital to “Tri-Media”
  5. Faster Broadband – LTE and 10MBPS services are now being offered. I just hate the bandwidth cap! Jeez!
  6. The Blog Mad Max – only the strong survived. A lot of noob bloggers have failed and have quit. Trufax.
  7. Rise of the Tablets – ’nuff said
  8. The Cloud Revolution – yup, after Dropbox, a lot are trying to jump in the bandwagon
  9. The growth of WiFi in the Philippines – some paid, some free. But face it, there are more WiFi options than last year, yes?

My only prediction that didn’t come true? I said the “RIM (Blackberry) will buy the farm”. Although their stocks dwindled and they laid off thousands of workers, they’re still trying to find a solution to the debacle that is the BlackBerry.

9 out of 10!

Not bad, yes?

Will write a new Top 10 for 2013 soon enough.



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