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RF Online Launches Hexon New Premium Server

RF Online Philippines is still alive and strong. The RF team recently announced the launch of the new server Hexon, operational today, Aug 11, 2011.


Vasteral is New Server for RF Online Philippines

Good news RF PH players!

We’re currently doing final testing and checks before we launch Vasteral, RF Online’s newest server. Vasteral is the merged server of Verxial and Elixus. Oye! More allies to recruit and more enemies to fight!

If you want to know the details of the merge, simply head on over here for the official announcement. Meanwhile, don’t forget to share and pass the word to all your RF buddies, ok? Thanks!


RF Philippines Launches Omicron, New Server Today

Great news, Citizens of Novus!

We’ve just added the newest member of the RF PH server family. What used to be a test server is now a fully functional commercial server – OMICRON.

So heads up, dust off your old RF accounts and gather all your buddies to play in Omicron. For more information, please read the official announcement here. If you don’t have an RF Online, don’t fret, you can REGISTER FOR FREE right now. RF Online Philippines is Free-to-Play!

RF Slurpee and Mountain Dew Promo

RF Philippines recently tied up with 7-Eleven and Mountain Dew (Game Fuel) to give you THE most exciting in-game/product promo ever!

Want to have great in-game items such as Talics, Gold Capsules or Caliana Necklaces? Just go to any 7-Eleven branch and add P2 to your chosen drink! It’s that simple.

Full mechanics after the jump!


Spotted at 7-Eleven

Recently spotted this new drink at 7-Eleven

What could it be? For more updates on this “secret” program for RF Online, Be My Fan on Facebook and regularly drop by the official RF site for news and bulletins.

Coming very soon…

Month Long Modified EXP for RF Online

RF Online Philippines will have a month-long modified EXP event.

This cool event will run from July 7 to Aug 4, 2009. For more details, head on over to the official announcement here.

Pass the word and get your RF guildmates and buddies into the game now!


RF Adds Wildcard to NEST 2009

Taking cue from the success of the Ragnarok RPC wildcard phase of the tournament season, RF Online adds another layer to this year’s Novus Elite Squad Tournament (NEST).

In the RF Wildcard phase, players can vote for the nominated guilds via top-up points. Each top up has a corresponding value. Right now, the Wilcard (also called Carvan’s Champion) is done with the nomination phase and has 5 guilds nominated per server.


Novus Rising Official Trailer

Check out the teal MAU and other cool features of RF Online Philippines’ latest patch – Novus Rising.

For more details about Novus Rising, check out the official microsite and then download it for free at

Novus will never be the same. The war rages!

Feedback: RF New Server

I’ve been asked this question lately by a lot of players: Will there be a new server for RF Online Philippines?

The answer is; not at the moment. With the advent of great developments for Novus Rising, allow me to share with you my own points on the matter.

After the break…


RF Rises Anew

Last Friday, April 24, we took all the RF servers offline to setup the newest patch, Novus Rising. It took more than 24 hours non-stop to do. A million thanks goes to all the dedicated people who’ve sacrificed sleep (and their weekends) just to make sure that Novus Rising will be up and running.

The servers finally came up around 8am on Saturday morning. It wasn’t 100% perfect but we’re going to patch a lot of stuff ASAP.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped us make Novus Rising a success.


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