RWC 2008 Will Be in Manila Philippines

This is one of our biggest announcements this year.

The 2008 Ragnarok World Championships will be hosted by us. Here. In the Philippines!

Yep. It’s official. RWC 2008 will happen at the LIVE main event on October 18 and 19.

11 Ragnarok countries will vie for the world title. Note that last year, our boys came in third with Thailand claiming the championship crown. This year, we’re playing on home ground so we should have the home-court advantage, so to speak.

Everyone here at Level Up is excited and the rush to prepare for our BIGGEST event yet goes into full gear.

Here’s part of the official announcement as posted at the LIVE 2008 website

This year Level Up! Live will truly be a world class event as it will house the prestigious Ragnarok World Championships. It is an honor to be host to a world stage as hordes of Ragnarok fanatics worldwide watch on as the events of the latest chapter of the RWC unfold right here in the Philippines at the Level Up! Live 2008 event.

It will be here that one representative, one country will emerge triumphant and be crowned Ragnarok World Champion!

We will be coming up with more teasers, videos, updates and news about RWC 2008 in the weeks to come. Stay tuned to this blog and to the LIVE website for more details.

In the meantime, feel free to discuss our chances of being World Champions in the comments section below.


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  • Koruel

    There is a high chance that Philippines will be the champion this RWC Season. We have the crowd on our side this time (Home court Advantage).

    But just to make sure, we could tinker with the PC’s other countries will be using and make them experience the lag of their lifetime during the battle. (It’s a joke)

  • Blackwolf

    Wow! This sure sounds like a dream come true. After almost five years, we finally get to host an RWC. And it’s all happening on your watch, GM T.

    Make us all proud. This could be the start of the Philippines finally entering the global stage as a venue for major gaming events.

  • jepp

    GMT bkit hirap kmi mga ORP(Overseas Ragnarok Players)na mkaconnect lalo na pag ung characters nmin e nsa town,pero pag nsa field ok nman,pero pag pumasok na sa town always disconnected na.pakiayos po plis!!

  • GM T

    Thanks for the support Blackwolf. Hope we can also support team Philippines for the win!!!

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  • OPAW

    i just drop by to say hi. GM tRISTAn… GO ArmadaVAO… Mag papainum ako pag nkuha nyo 1st Prize… Im w8 here in DAVAO…

  • :+: D :+:

    is the RWC free for all? may entrance fee ba? thanks

  • http://wala! ,,|,, O.o ,,|,,

    kupal naman mga thai e weak chambadorezzzzz

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