RWC 2008 Tournament Official Results


Congratulations to Thailand for bagging the 2008 Ragnarok World Championship crown. Team Thailand beat Korea in an exciting finals match which went all the way to game 5, the last game. Official reports on the details of the match are posted at the Level Up site.

Meanwhile, our very own team Philippines was¬†defeated by Indonesia to claim 3rd place. But our boys still gave it their own and swept all their previous matches going into the Final Four. We’re proud of you! It was one helluva fight.

Check out the tournament tree and the results after the break…

RWC 2008 Tournament Tree

Meanwhile, here are the results of the matches.

Countries with byes into the 2nd Round

  • Japan
  • Taiwan
  • Korea
  • Indonesia

Day 1 Official Results

  • Philippines vs. Germany – Philippines wins 2-0
  • Thailand vs. Brazil – Thailand wins 2-0
  • USA vs. Russia – USA wins 2-1
  • France vs. China – France wins 2-1
  • Philippines vs. Japan – Philippines wins 2-0
  • Thailand vs. Taiwan – Thailand wins 2-0

Day 2 Official Results

  • USA vs. Korea – Korea wins 2-0
  • France vs. Indonesia – Indonesia wins 2-0
  • Philippines vs. Thailand – Thailand wins 2-0
  • Korea vs. Indonesia – Korea wins 2-0

Battle for 3rd (1 game only) – Philippines vs. Indonesia – Indonesia wins

Finals – Korea vs. Thailand – Thailand wins 3-2

Final Tally

  • Champion: Thailand
  • 1st Runner Up: Korea
  • 2nd Runner Up: Indonesia

Also, kudos to Team Russia for being voted MOST FRIENDLY COUNTRY by their peers! Kudos Komrades… a toast of Vodka to you and to all winners!

Strength and Honor,

GM Tristan (Tournament Director)


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