Rohan Item Mall Guide

As you may all know, today, March 24, is the official opening of the Rohan Open Beta.

As promised, there will be no more wipe of characters from hereon. Also, the OBT will simultaneously open with the Rohan Item Mall. The Rohan Item Mall is web-based and is not found inside the game. Credits used in the mall are called ROHAN POINTS. 1 PHP is equal to 10 Rohan Points or RPs.

We’ve published a comprehensive Item Mall guide for everyone. Be sure to read up as that document guides you through all the steps in making a purchase… from scratching the card, converting to RP and eventually making the purchase.

That link after the jump

Here’s the official Rohan Item Mall Guide. Check out the Mall! I’m sure there’s something that will catch your fancy.

Enjoy, and pass the word around! Enjoy the Open Beta!

Vengeance is always an option.


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