Rohan CBT Survival Guide

Yes! The Rohan Philippines official Closed Beta Testing period (or CBT) is now ongoing. We started the ball rolling last Feb 26 and the number of players logging in everyday to the servers is growing at great speed! Thanks to all the CBT players, btw.

Meanwhile, here’s a short “CBT Survival Guide”, basically, just a list of URLs and friendly reminders to make your Rohan CBT a better experience.


Of course, CBT isn’t a perfect world, so to speak. Sure, there will be bugs, errors and some installation/patching or disconnection problems. We’re all in this together… my point is, we’re asking for everyone’s help so that we can list down, document all that needs to be fixed and then send them off to the developer so that come Open Beta, we’ll have a better game. And yes, that’s why everyone has to wear the hat of a “tester”, hence the “T” in CBT.

If you need to send us feedback or report, just send email our way via

And we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Before I leave, I heard there are a lot of players getting stuck in some maps such as searching for the NPC Beslodio in Montt. Here are some of my quick tips

  • Always bring teleport stones
  • Before you enter the Montt portal, LOOK UP, just swing the mouse and look to the sky before hitting the other side of the wall… guaranteed to work and bypass the bug all the time – spread the word!

Cheers! and enjoy the CBT… tell all your friends to try Rohan! Comment below if you have questions…

Vengeance is always an option!


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