Rohan CBT Ends. OBT Updates.

The Rohan Closed-Beta Testing (CBT) period officially ended last Friday, March 13th.

In behalf of Level Up and the entire Rohan team, we’d like to thank everyone who participated and made our CBT a big success! Now, the team and the developers (YNK) are busy preparing and fixing all the bugs, errors and discrepancies found in the CBT version. Thanks to all players, cafe owners and members of the community who sent in valuable feedback.

The Open Beta will be up soon and I promise you, THERE WILL BE NO MORE WIPE of the characters.

Note that we only wiped all CBT characters and NOT THE ACCOUNT. Don’t forget your account details, you can still use it for the OBT, whether you got it via the scratch card or online. And yes, unused scratch cards can still be logged in and are valid during the Open Beta period.

What about the installer, you ask?

The installer will still be the same. We will just be patching some updates and fixes for the open beta. In case you still have no copy of the installer, you can download it now or get your free copy (just pay for the shipping) via

Other updates…

  • Free in-game items for OBT players – we will give away the following items to all CBT testers with at least one (1) level 20 character
    • Golden Monkey Pet – Looting Pet
    • Blessing Seal – Double M.Kill gain for 7 days
  • CBT Raffle Winners – we will be drawing the winners of the Rohan CBT raffle for the Nintendo DSI and the gaming laptop soon. Check out the official rohan site for announcements.

When will the OBT be?

I’m sorry, but I can’t announce to you the exact date. Our tech team and YNK need a few days to configure the fixes. But once we know, so will you guys, ok? Again, wait for the official announcement.

In Open Beta, everyone can register now via MYLEVELUP and keep the accounts.

We’ll be waiting for you guys, ayt?



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