Richard Garriot Wants to go to the Moon

What’s with the moon these days?

A lot of it is on the news. A few posts back, I told you about Google’s offer of $30M for the first team to design a rover and land it on the moon.

Now, noted MMORPG designer and legend, Richard Garriot wants to make a lunar trip as well. Sheesh.

Reuters reports that Garriot wants to follow in the footsteps of his dad, Owen Garriot – a former NASA astronaut who spent two months aboard the first U.S. space station 24 years ago.

“I think everyone has the fantasy or the desire to travel in space,” said Garriott, 46, whose family lived in the Houston area near NASA. “But for me, I grew up in an environment where not only was my dad actually going to space but both of my next-door neighbors were astronauts, the guy behind me over the fence was an astronaut. Basically, the whole neighborhood was either astronauts or engineers in support of NASA.

“I just sort of assumed that one day we would all be going to space,” said Garriott, who is paying about $30 million for his trip.

He is planning to make the trip next year.

Richard Garriot is also known as “Lord British” and is popular for early MMORPG hits such as Ultima Online. Now, he heads the NCSoft America subsidiary and is hard at work with his new game, Tabula Rasa.

Via Reuters

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  • Blackwolf


    What happened to his HAIR? I remember the first time I saw Garriott in a magazine photo in the late 1980s. He looked like a blonde surfer dude back then (he always had the beard).

    Dang, we is gettin’ old.

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