RF Online Philippines Episode 2 Part 2: Crimson Dawn

This February, the world of Novus and RF Online Philippines will never be the same.

Everyone in the RF team and here at Level Up are excited about this major patch. Here in the Philippines, we are calling it the Crimson Dawn (for obvious reasons) and is scheduled to come out this February to all Internet cafes (and you can download it too). In Korea and other countries, it’s called Episode 2, Part 2. But I kinda like the Crimson Dawn patch name. That’s the idea of RF Brand Manager, Keith Morales. Crimson Dawn comes after another big patch, Episode 2, which also made RF Free to Play last year (August).

Of all the features of Crimson Dawn, players are looking forward to the “red series”, namely the Red Mau for the Bellato, the Cora’s Red Isis and the Accretian Red Siege Kit.

More details and a teaser-video after the jump

The official patch notes for the Philippine version are still being finalized. The “game gurus” of our Product Development team have just finished testing and I’m supposed to get a report and a glimpse of the patch kit by now but Keith is still gnawing at it with edits. If you want to get ahead, here’s something unofficial posted by the ex-community manager of codemasters (the US publishers of RF) about the patch. There, you’ll get to see photos and details of what’s in store for Crimson Dawn. Our pinoy players also have a video compilation posted at the RF forums

Note that that’s not exactly what’s going to appear here for us.

Meanwhile, here’s a video of things to come.

So, choose a side. Join the war and register for RF online now. It’s FREE!


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