RF Free-to-Play on Episode 2 Clarified

Yesterday, the RF team clarified some community concerns about RF Online Philippines going Free-to-Play (F2P) when Episode 2 “Pioneers of Novus” is officially patched on the main worlds.

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In an official statement on the RF website, it stated that “Players who were turned off by the premium priced subscription rates of RF will now be able to enjoy the game as RF Online will now be FREE TO PLAY!” (GM T’s note: In Episode 2)

But RF isn’t going to be exactly an F2P game. In Episode 2, there will still be an option to become a subscriber to enjoy better mod rates such as “2x Exp / 2x PT / 2x Drop and 2x Mining Rate! (As well as getting bonus credits for item mall purchases) when they opt to use the Premium Subscription Option”. All FREE players will have lower rates than this.

The RF Team promises to work harder to serve the community as attested by new Community Manager, GM Cydie in a forum post. “We are aware of the fears and apprehensions of each of our players about RF going Free-to-Play. This was a decision that was forced upon us by CCR. We wanted to go free to play even less than you do. Rest assured though that we have fought against this as much as we could up to last possible moment.” GM Cydie wrote.

To recognize those loyal to RF, we will also be rewarding our veteran users (those who’ve been with us through-out the subscription model) with “a special item to give (to) our loyal players who’ve been fighting the war on Novus with us through thick and thin. This special item will be given to all characters level 47 and above on the day of Episode 2’s Launch. Details about this item will be announced at a later date.” according to the forum post.

Meanwhile, an updated feature list was also announced. The RF Brand team assures me that this will be uploaded to the Episode 2 microsite very soon.

In closing, I would like to again quote GM Cydie; “The Philippine RF Online Team and Level-Up! would like to assure everybody that the level of service and integrity of the game will not diminish. We will be working doubly hard to make sure each player gets the most out of his/her gaming experience. ”

RF Episode 2 is now playable in Omicron, the test server.

Meanwhile, you might want to check out my earlier posts on Episode 2 and the instructions and download links to play it now in Omicron as well as a video trailer of things to come.



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  • Savh

    ung episode 2 ba will have new installer?
    klan lalabas DL? (sana ndi torrent)

    i want to try out RFo

  • valfogg

    urgh… and the anti-jologs floodgates have been opened…

  • KepneR

    Hmmm, sounds fishy… Its almost like what happen to ROSE Online. (P2P > F2P > Down)

  • Savh


    rose became f2p beacuse the company that made them stopped making new things thus not progressing

    for RF
    the company said to LU that to make RF F2P

  • http://gmtristan.com GM T

    Episode 2 is now in Omicron. I think the official comment sums up what we want to say. You are free to comment and suggest, of course. And I will respect that.

    There is a risk of going F2P, that’s why we opposed it. But if that’s what the developer wants for all countries, we have to comply.


  • Noel

    “anti-jologs floodgates”

    As if everybody who pays for a subscription isn’t one and everyone who doesn’t is. I play a mmorpg with a f2p model, and I would dare say if I push the envelope on that one, I would end up shelling more than what I would if ever I play WoW. The fact is that being a jologs has nothing to do with how much money you have. And of course, what has that got to say about the PW community, which was launched f2p at the onset?

    And lastly, I wouldn’t even put “jologs” in a notorious image, as I do not have the full appreciation of what it connotes (which, I suspect, isn’t all that negative).

    Thank you.

  • http://gmtristan.com GM T

    You’re welcome to post your opinions. Just tone down on the flaming, please. RESPECT is the key word here.

    At any rate, just an update, we’re tentatively scheduled to patch Episode 2 on Aug 28.

    Thanks all,
    GM T

  • Jef

    mag PW na lang kayo ^_^V

  • Ashayuni

    anu un PW?

  • http://gmtristan.com GM T
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  • Greiver

    Wah with the upcoming free to play they have opened the gates of the jologs… i think ill switch to altrax to avoid the jologs because altrax is the most likely anti jolog server… Its the roleplaying server after all

  • Greiver

    sorry for the double post…

    Noel by jologs we mean the…

    “Asa ka” when they KS you… those kind of players

    You know those players that just played because its free…

    We played this game despite the P2P because of the features it offered…

    yes the jologs wil play for the same reason but…

    for me they don’t have the same passion for the game as we P2P players have…

    well thats just my opinion though

  • Noel


    Thanks for the clarification. The term jologs has been thrown around for so long and in so many places that meanings can be different given a different context. If that is jologs, it’s definitely not good :-)

    I believe that a lot of the “jologs” attitude can be reined in with good moderation, be it P2P or F2P. I know it entails a lot from mods, that maybe it may not be that feasible in a F2P environment, hence the resulting outcome. Personally, I prefer P2P of the “game-time load” variety, since I cannot always maximize my game time month after month with a fixed monthly subscription. P2P has the virtue of keeping everything in-game, rather than getting “help” from outside for that sought after gold and items. But then again, the landscape (and players) are changing pretty fast that we are bound to see things that may soon surprise us.


  • Reynald

    I fear RF online going f2p, for we know Over Populated Online Games are that of less protocol than that of the f2p, I have the same thought like Greiver’s.. Ngaun magiging absurd na ang RF community, I played RF because of the game’s features, and the devotion I had during the f2p days, I also know the difference between “maglalaro ako dahil walang bayad” and “maglalaro ako dahil gusto ko itong game na to”. I hope walang magbabago sa RF online game for worse, sana magiging ganun parin yung RF na nakita ko dating walang flooding sa map chat, walang “asa-ka” factor from jologs gamers,and for sure we will expect less suplies of items. I fear this things will occur soon, sana hindi ito mangyari, at sana kung may pagkakataon man, ibalik sana ang P2P dahil.

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  • http://chemdavid_29yahoo.com.ph Kayzer

    i want to play i love it

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