Ragnarok Valkyrie Server Settings (All You Need To Know)

Well, we all know that Valkyrie is FREE, right?

But I also told you that there’s going to be different server settings for Valkyrie. The Waukster, Rob, and the entire pRO team are busy at work coordinating with Gravity. Valkyrie launches this Wednesday na, October 10. Konting tulog na lang!!! The server will be 3X exp for the entire week after the launch!

Here’s a compilation of server settings from Wauk’s post.

Not all are 100% final. There might be changes. So the official stuff will be out at the Valkyrie website.

The settings after one more click…

  • Server Name: Valkyrie
  • Under: Philippine Ragnarok Online
  • Launch Schedule: October 10, 2007 (after maintenance)
  • Payment: FREE but with Item Mall
  • EXP Rate: 1.5X (permanent)
  • Siege Schedule: 2x a week (Wed 7-9 and Sat 2-4)
  • Character Slots: 3
  • Migration Options: None
  • Official Website: http://ragnarok.levelupgames.ph/valkyrie
  • Download Link: Click Here
  • Server Capacity: Around 6,000 to 7,000

Ragnarok Valkyrie Basic Server Settings
– 3 Character Slots Initially Available
– Teleport Skill is removed completely
– Upgrade Limits and Chances are RETAINED
– Upgrading costs have increased (Zenny)
– Fly Wing/Butterfly Wing Removed
– PK-Enabled Maps
– Emperium Removed (sold through mall 50 PHP)
– Elunium drops changed to Rough Elunium
– Decreased drop rate for slotted Equipment (All slotted equips can be bought at the Mall though)
– MVP Rare Drops are RETAINED (e.g. Drake still drops Corsair, Orc Lord still drops Grand Circlet)
– More rewards for MVP player for boss hunt

– Not all rare drops are sold at the mall (selective)

Card Drops
– MVP/Boss Cards Removed (Event Prizes and Special Item Mall Sales)
– Pre-selected PVP Cards Removed (Sold through Mall)
– Peco Peco Egg, Pupa, Fabre, Drops, Chon Chon, Picky, Lunatic cards Removed (Sold through Mall)
– Other Cards are RETAINED, normal drop rates (but also sold through mall)
– Not all Cards are sold at the mall

Emergency Call
– Item Mall will have item that allows guild master to do e-call in MVP maps (Limited)

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