Ragnarok: Dupe Item Compensation Update

In the very controversial Duped Item Wipe for pRO, we promised to compensate all those who possessed illegal duped items. There has been an influx of tickets and our CS agents and GMs have given this the highest priority. The goal was to make a process so that investigation and rewarding could be done in the soonest possible time.

I am proud to report that around 90% of such cases have already been awarded. The last 10% that are now pending are waiting because of limitations to the database. This is due to the fact that their trade logs for the items happened ages ago. This means that is difficult to prove or disprove such claims.

Nonetheless, in the interest of customer satisfaction and serving you, our players, even better, I have instructed the pRO team to prepare a blanket compensation plan to zero out all pending complaints and tickets. I have already approved the official statement for this. Expect to see it sometime soon in the ragnarok site and in ragnaboards.

Also, Waukeen is slowly focusing his efforts in preparation for Ragnarok 2. I am now tasked to take over Ragnarok 1 again. My first plan is to study the current programs and then involve the community once more for their feedback and recommendations. One of the things that I am monitoring are supposed bugs and exploits in the RPC 2007 Wild Card Voting System. I already forwarded some reports from the readers here so that they can be investigated and stopped.

For me, cheating has no place in a professional tournament.

Also, I plan to coordinate with Geonitz , the Communtiy Managers and the Game Manager so that the Midgard Police – which is similar to RF Vanguard (assistant GM) program will begin to see the light of day in the commercial servers. Expect to see more updates here in my blog soon.



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