Quiz – What Ragnarok Character Class Are You?

There’s this quiz that will tell you what Ragnarok Character Class you are.

I took it and found out that I am a Monk. The results say “You are a Monk! It has taken you a long time to get to where you are, it wasn’t easy training as a small Acoylte but you pulled through and continue to better yourself. You are the most dedicated of all classes; your inner knowledge and refinement of both mind and body make you a deadly foe. You are very fast, slamming your enemies with many attacks or taking him out with one enormous blast of spiritual force. People fear what you are because you are so disciplined and serious; there is no fooling around with a Monk!”

What about you? Take the quiz and tell me what your job is if you were an RO character. Leave your answers on the comments section below.

The next jobs in my profile are

  • Knight 92%
  • Assassin  83%
  • Sage 83%
  • Blacksmith 83%

I just hope I land an Asura instead of a Basura Stike.




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