Obama Look-Alike


Someone sent me this e-mail with photos of a Filipino  an Indonesian (update: his name is Ilham Anas) with an uncanny resemblance to US President-elect Barack Obama.

Check out more photos after the jump.

Filipino Barack Obama Look-alike

Updated: The guy is Indonesian photographer Ilham Anas. GMTristan.com regrets the error.

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  • http://buangistorya.blogspot.com rowmel


  • http://jeromeancheta,com Jerome

    cool hahaha.

  • theedge


  • sniff

    sa commercial un ah… ung na impacho.. nyaahhaa

  • Pol

    Amp!!! Ayos yun ah

  • John Kenneth Dy

    nyahahaha ang saya wahahahahaha

  • la

    wala wenta!!!..hahahahahahhahaha

  • http://ygnal.wordpress.com Ygnal

    Well, Actually this guy isn’t a filipino. he’s an Indonesian. i know this since my dad is the one who made the commercial which this guy acted as obama.

  • http://www.yahoo.com finoie acow finoie tayow brekitdaw

    astig nga hahah buong family ko natawa jan!
    indonesian ba siya kala ko noypi..sayang tsk tsk..

    dapat mafeature xa kahit saang talk show sa pinas or any wer para malaman ng america may impersonator c obama na kamukhang kamukha niya !!

    long live finoie

  • http://wildquaker.blogspot.com Romeo

    They even had him wear a suit and all. Totally looks like Obama.

  • obama

    kamuka ni gas abelgas. dapat pakalbo lang sya

  • Mark

    To those who knows this guy, he should send me an
    email. I will guide him on how to cash in on his unusual look. My email address is: mbaboye@usa.com. (mbaboye@usadotcom) Thanks.

  • Lyn Fel

    Hi I would like to ask for the contact details of Obama look alike I’ll invite him to our theatre performance.Send me an email at ef_del@yahoo.com so I can get in touch with him. Thanks much.:)-lyn

  • Ant

    Yup!! He’s Indonesian. His name is Ilham Anas. He live in Bandung, Indonesia as a Photographer.

  • irene

    he’s not a pinoy fyi

  • mona

    Hi,it is awesome to see someone so much looks alike the President elect. I also would like to have contact information of this lucky person so I will contact him for the interview too. Thank u so much. If anyone knows , please email me at saksmerprome@hotmail.com Thank u so much. Mona

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  • Jim

    He should make a porn movie

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  • maureen


  • Felix

    He’s not Filipino. He’s Indonesian.

  • zdawg

    he’s indonesian but was in a phillipino ad. so again, we’ll clear this up. the man’s first name is ilham, he is a photographer in jakarta indonesia but he was in a phillipino ad. pce! i found this story hilarious and cool

  • http://www.lhincy.com/category/Dress-Up/1.html Lhincy

    Yeah… Its soo cool. He will be famous.

  • http://www.dhakadailyphoto.blogspot.com ershad ahmed


  • http://gmtristan.com GM T

    corrected and updated.

    He is Indonesian.


  • obama_warrior


  • http://yahoo Big bOy

    i think he could pass for barack obama in the first picture. Barack looks real african when he smile for real. this guy better not smile becasue, o dont think it will work. Love ta love ta love ta

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  • http://lksdjflkasjdflkjfdlk klsdjflkasjf


  • http://lksdjflkasjdflkjfdlk klsdjflkasjf


  • zato

    watch out blackberry. here he comes

  • http://www.thesutras.org Aj

    pinoy negrito haahahhaha

  • random

    hahahaha kamukha daw ni gus abelgas haha.

    and FYI to some people, it’s spelled as
    philippino nor phillipino nor philipino

    nauna syang sumikat sa pilipinas! yun yon! haha!

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  • Ab Toro

    Totally cool

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    Nice pictures… Kalakas 671.

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    Thanks for the post, Guam Page.

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    I was pleased to read this article, keep up the good work.

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  • DownWithObama

    Poor guy!

  • http://twitter.com/champhhmie Mie Wakabayashi


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