Perfect World Item Mall

Now that Perfect World is in open beta, a lot of new players are asking how they can buy stuff in the item mall. Also, a lot of old players have raised some issues about the prices in the current mall. GM Justice (Community Manager for PW) and myself have talked with a group of players a few days after the launch of the Open Beta to get feedback on the pricing.

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The discussions were good. I got an idea on how much a player spends per day and per week and what type of items are likely to be bought. Also, they told me the prices that they think are “reasonable” for items such as Amulets and Heiros within the game.

The team is now working and coordinating with Wanmei/Beijing so that the prices will be adjusted. Don’t worry, we hear yah! And we want to make your Perfect World experience well, er, Perfect.

Links to the complete item mall list and how to buy after the jump!


Second, here are the steps on how to buy:

  1. Buy either a Level Up Card or Netgames card (NOTE: Both are interchangeable now)
  2. Log on your MyLevelUp account
  3. Scratch the card and load it your Perfect World account (within your MyLU)
  4. Run PW. Go inside the game and press “O” or “Alt + O” to open the item mall
  5. Begin buying

As soon as updates about the new pricing will crop up, I’ll make sure that you guys know.

Hope this helps.


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  • CaptainSlackr

    Nice! Too bad I was not able to attend the event in Megamall because we had an ICA here in Pampanga. Hope to have more PW events in weeks to come.
    Sana next time cosplay lahat ng LU execs! That would make my day PERFECT!

  • GM T

    Great idea. How did the ICA go?

  • gmon

    Say no to 45 php amulet! yes to 10 php amulet! :P

    okay, maybe 10 php is too low, but heck, you’ll get more buyers that way. :)

  • GM T

    Hi gmon,

    agree. That’s one of the priority items to be fixed. Price-wise that is. Stay tuned for updates and visit my site more often.

    GM T

  • iver

    5 pesos gold amulet will do.. experience ko kasi nung cb is 3 to 5 gold amulets a day. so thats make 15 pesos a day.. in 7 x 15=105 di ba. pede na in a week 105 pesos + other item mall items..

  • Blaire

    Yes, lower the price of Amulet/Hierogram & it’ll be the perfect world for everyone!! 10 pesos for the Bronze Amulet (100k HP), Silver Amulet (300k HP) 25 pesos & for the Gold Amulet (600k HP)50 pesos not bad eh! these are just my ideal price or the consumables.

  • rob

    i think silver heirogram/amulet has a higher stored hp/mp values compared to the bronze one :)

    Silver Heirogram

    Consumable Item.
    Restores up to 75% MP upon activation.
    Cooldown time: 5 seconds.
    Restores up to 150,000 MP

    Silver Amulet

    Consumable Item.
    Restores up to 50% HP upon activation.
    Cooldown time: 10 seconds.
    Restores up to 100,000 HP

  • hish

    and I hope you wouldn’t rob us the freedom to choose ourfave colors regarding the fashion clothing!

  • Friamar

    where can i buy level up cards? sorry for my ignorance. i’m just a newbie.

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  • rixan cruz

    i bought an item that hasn’t yet implemented please help me!

  • artur

    KUrwa !!!!!!!!!!! gdzie mozna sellnąc otemy pls o odpowiedz!!!

  • achufece

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