This is one simple, yet addicting game for the PSP.

Patapon is a rhythm game. You play a diety and command an army of tribal warriors which you control via beating traditional talking drums. You have to really “get into the beat” so that they can attack or move. The game was developed by Pyramid and produced by Japan Studios, the same studio that developed and produced Loco Roco.

I simply LOVE this game. Most people in the office are addicted. It received a lot of good publicity and reviews.

Now, you CAN play this game without a PSP… there’s an online flash version.

The link to that after one more click…


Tell me if you liked it. Comment below.


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  • Lix Tetrax

    The game was great especially killing those long commute time. hahaha

  • sylv3rblade

    Nice. I’ve been wanting the sequel ever since I’ve finished the first game. Now this will help me pass time. ^_^

  • sylv3rblade

    errr tried it.. looks like it’s broken.. lol

  • Master Diwa

    Yo GM T! Looks like an interesting game, sadly the repertoire of PSP games are kinda bleak in my taste. That’s why I’m not too convinced to buy a PSP yet.

  • JackValentine

    nyohlhohoho looks like the game is broken XD lang tapos na XD

  • credz

    ahahah grave 2 ang sarap laruin ehehe kaya lang natapos ko na patapon

  • Ryan

    This games really beats the boredom in you. But the online version doesn’t work.

  • GM T

    maybe you just don’t have the latest flash player

  • http://none JM

    Ung mga ginagamit na words sa game, it’s too common for Filipinos… like the expressions used sometimes when Filipinos are angry to some one… Pinapadaan na lng sa beat ng music at sa liit ng boses, pero kapag pinakinggan mong mabuti… mga words na kadalasang ginagamit… tsk… tsk… I think, this game is not good for children…

  • Maryetta Duvel

    Hi guys, might want to check out my brandnew fan page on facebook!!

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