Mocha – Hot Pinay Dance Group

They’re called the Pussycat Dolls of the Philippines. Hot and sexy all-filipina dance group Mocha is making waves everywhere. With TV apperances, gigs and shows.

From their official site – “Previously a solo artist, Mocha rounded up her friends to form a new group. Introducing the new MOCHA – the newest song and dance girl group under VIVA records. Five ladies determined to make a name for themselves in the music scene – lead singer Mocha, ballet dancer Bambie, bootyshaker Hershey, cheerleader Grace and jazz dancer Bez. Oozing with flavorful melodies and harmonies! Bursting with colorful dance moves that will surely wet your appetite!”

I’ll treat you to, not 1, but 2 videos of Mocha after the break…

The first video is a pictorial

While this one is a “guesting” at Umagang Kay Ganda.


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  • Blackwolf

    Mmmmm… What lovely morsels…

    But someone please kill their lyricist. Their music sux harder than a P20 girlyman ho from P. Burgos.

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  • Widesome

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  • Dennis

    sexy hot.. i wanna taste all of your mochaness

  • stacyxxxxxx
  • Miabellacfa

    What’s up Philippines? Mocha Girls are the best!!!

    Mia Bella Contemporary Fashion & Accessories
    is a boutique in Studio City CA owned by me and I am from the Philippines and Philippine love what it is all about!!! We support the Mocha Girls!!! Much love and success

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