Minis Painting Update


Sorry again folks. Work and other life commitments kept me off from blogging these past few days. Anyways, I’d just like to update you guys on what’s been happening to my minis-modeling- workshop lately…

As per my last minis update, the main brunt of my projects include painting 120 pieces of a fantasy Spartan army. I’m around 90% done with that. Also, I’ve been trying to finish off the Wrath of Ashardalon figs as well as modding minis from WOTC’s Dreamblade minis game (yup, that game was a flop… most people don’t even know it existed).

Here are some of the finished (or almost finished) minis which I modded and painted for the past couple of weeks


The first one is a D&D monster called the Otyugh (Geeks would know what it is). Below are 2 pics, one of the WIP (Work In Progress) and below that is the final work. This was a joy to paint since I had to work with a lot of layers and brush up on my shading and highlight skills. Love it!




Then here’s one from Dreamblade called the “Skinless”. Here’s a BEFORE and AFTER photo (below). Wasn’t to keen on the muscle colors so I tried to highlight orange on top of the red. Kinda sloppy work since the Tamiya Orange is old and gooey to work with. Oh well, better job next time I guess 🙂


Below is another Dreamblade undead. You can see that I took this little guy off the big original base and modded him on a new base made from the plastic of DVD covers. Put so Elmer’s glue, rocks, sand and voila! I kinda like the highlights on this one!


That’s it for now.

Stay tuned for more modeling updates…

Have to post a few more articles on the blog!

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