LIVE 2008 Tournament Winners List


By now, you guys already know the official list of winners for the 2008 Ragnarok World Championships, right? This time around, let’s pay our respects to the deserving winners of the other LIVE 2008 tournaments. They are all Champions and worthy of the crown. I admire their dedication and passion for their game. It’s good to know that the Filipino spirit of competition is alive and these guys are all role-models that other players should follow. They (and their guilds) have prepared for this moment for months.

To all the winners – hats off to you! You have earned the right to be the true “Gods of Gaming”.

The list after the jump.

RPC 2008

  • Champion – Bozanian Beast Fighters
  • Second – Renegades
  • Third – Demented

RF NEST 2008

  • Champion – Immortals (Bellato)
  • Runner Up – MasterMinds (Accre)

FlyFF HODET 2008

  • Champion – Pink Paradise (Shade server)
  • Runner Up – Rekta (Bubble)

Perfect World Pheonix Council Wars 2008

  • Champion – Holy Order of Light
  • Runner Up – Guardians

FreeStyle All Stars 2008

  • Champion – Turbulence
  • Runner Up – UPC Elites of Batangas

Again, congratulations to all our winners.

I hope to have another great tournament next year. Dapat ngayon pa lang naghahanda na kayo!

Strength and Honor,


PS. Once I get the list of winners from the other contests (Filmfest, National Art, etc), I will also post it here. Thanks.


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