Level Up Rewards

It’s been a long time coming…

Remember all those Rewards points accumulating in your MyLevelUp? Yeah! Now there’s something in store for all you loyal Level Up players – the new Level Up Rewards program.

What is it, you may ask? Well, everytime you top up, you get special points (for every P5.00, you get 2 reward points). If you use the SMS service from the Gamer Sim you get 1 reward point for every service costing P2.50 and 6 reward points if you download MMS content.

You then simply go to the Rewards Program page and choose what in-game goodies you want for your character. If you can “afford” it, it’s yours! Automatically inserted. It’s that simple.

More after the break.

Still confused? Not to worry, Jigsaw and Codamon came up with a user’s manual with pictures that will take step-by-step through the process. And soon, we’ll be posting our very own FAQ and guide at the Rewards site too.

Now, what can you get from all those points?

Here’s a sampling of in-game items per game:


  • 150% tattoos
  • Level 16 apparel set M & F 


  • Dragon Cloak (+5 to all stats)
  • Red cloud board
  • Soccer uniform set  


  • Leon’s Weapons
  • Rare Elementals (up to 25/25)


  • Thantos MVP Card
  • Valkyrie Armor set
  • Field Manuals

Perfect World

  • Nine Sons Elite
  • Soul Stones
  • Millions of Yuan

For a complete list of the items, go to the Rewards page

So what are you waiting for? Top Up now and REDEEM THOSE REWARDS!


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