How to Download and Save Youtube Videos

We all love the “new TV 2.0”, more popularly known as

I’m sure you saw great, funny and classic youtube videos that are meant to be shared to your friends or kept in your hard drive or mobile media player as part of your collection (I mean, you can show it your friends anywhere too, right?) But the problem is, you can’t.

First, there is no “save as” when you right click the video. Second, the files are in FLV (Flash Video files). So, after you download it, you still have to use a converter to duh, convert the files to workable video files for Windows Media Player or the format of your choosing (for your iPod or PSP, for example).

There are several steps to do this. Let’s see that (and several videos on how to do it) after the break.


  1. Copy the entire URL
  2. Go to any of the following sites
    1. Savetube
    2. Keepvid
  3. Download and save the file
  4. View it in the FLV player OR
  5. Convert it to another video file

Another great universal video converter that i use is Super by erightsoft

Here’s a short video on how to do it.

I hope this info was useful. ’til next post…

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