How to defeat Lag

This is an old, original article of mine reprinted here. It was first posted at my original blogger site March 24, 2007. Am reposting it here since I just got a lot of complaints about lag and connectivity issues. I hope this will help.

Picture this:

You and your buddies just visited your local, boring NPC to stock up on pots and stuff and head out to the spot where the Boss respawns. It’s 5 minutes till the bastich appears… a few noob groups are hovering like vultures in the horizon.

The boss appears… right on time!

You pound at the big monster and score crits while your supports debuff and heal the tanks. A few more hits and this sucker is dead!

And then it happens.

It just happens.

The stuff every online gamer dreads – LAG!

OMG! (now the noobs get your loot! Argggghhh!)

Let me share a few tips to avoid (and maybe even just lessen) this nightmare:

1. Get a better connection – faster is better. Period. If you play at home (and can afford it) getting the best DSL package will be a big boost. If you play in a cafe, make sure the MBPS is fast enough (and yeah, do look out for youtube addicts, they suck up bandwith like hell!!!)

2. Upgrade your PC – adding more RAM and a better video card will also help. Save up for this. No more yosi (cigarettes) for a month or two!

3. Close those damn background apps – would you like a YM message to appear while you’re in the middle of PVP against your nemesis guild? Close ‘em all. Go to windows, START, click run and type in “msconfig” and in the “startup” tab, close those you feel that you don’t need.

4. Play in a server with less people – Spock would simply tell you that “this is logical”. ‘Nuff said.

5. Maintain your PC – with the latest anti-spyware and anti-virus. A lot of internet shiat can slow down a PC. Formatting every 3 months works for me.

6. Tone down the graphics – if your game allows you to take away shadows, lighting or other special effects, then do so.

7. Know the time of day – where the game is not at its “peak”. If you can, play during those times. But hey, if you like griefing a hundred noobs at 7pm, then prepare to suffer a little bit.

I hope these tips help. May the lag devil never visit you…

Anyone with some more tips to share?


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  • Despina

    Your post cracked me up man; it’s so true I don’t know how many times the Lag Monster killed me while playing the Old Ultima Online. I also promise never to watch youtube in the internet cafes again, =).

  • Haven

    8. Or better yet, buy a PC for gaming only.

  • Xiphias

    Tip 1: True. The internet connection is a big determining factor of the amount of lag you will have in an online games

    Tip 2: If you are a noob in computer stuff ask professional for help in this one. Why? Reason one: There are two types of video cards Reason Two: Using two RAM’s with different frequency or using a RAM that is unappropriate for your motherboard/CPU will “KILL” our computer

    Tip 3: I disagree in the part where you say use the msconfig command because those who do it may damage their computer or end up disabling important startup programs. Just manually close all running programs before starting a game DO NOT USE msconfig

    Tip 4: Play in a server with less people “and” better overall stats (connection, server specs etc)

    Tip 5: Reformatting once in a while is good but I personally think every 3 months is too much unless you download tons of useless stuff or get an unusually high amount of virus on your computer. Anyway always keep your computer virus,spyware and adware clean

    Tip 6: Agree

    Tip 7: this one is basically tip 4 stated in a different way ^_^

  • issai


    amen to that!
    don’t use msconfig if you don’t know what you’re doing. same as don’t edit the registry.

    i had a problem with my vid card not playing well with the motherboard, the compu guy didn’t say anything to me, i was a noob back in college. thanks compu guy for not telling me. the vid card eventually broke. hahaha ooops!

    if you’re surfing while playing, use an ad blocker for those annoying pop ups/unders. time your virus scan that it won’t run an auto scan during your play times. i hated that.

  • GM T

    Thanks for the comments and additional insights, Xiphias. Am sure the other readers will find those helpful.

    GM T

  • nyabinghi

    naah.. LAG pa rin.
    i think sa server side may problema kasi hindi naman lag sa ibang games.

    pRO Valhalla

  • Xiphias

    Palagay ko Server side ang problem sa Valhalla dahil malaki ang affected ng lag..

    Pero para sa ibang games/server bago magreklamo sa mga taong namamahala ng laro dahil sa lag sa laro always check muna kung PC mo ang problema because more often than not if you are playing in an official server lags are actually more on the user side because official servers use top class tecnology (there is no way any competent company would let thousand of players log in to a crappy server you know because it will definitely ruin business ^_^. )

    Dagdag natin sa listahan ng tips

    Tip 8: Know your OS
    Your OS affects your game more than you think it does. Because every OS allocates or uses different algorithms in memory management which greatly affects gameplay. Anyway this is too technical to discuss so let’s just have an overview

    Even if you have a relatively good computer installing Windows Vista on it eats up a LOT of ram [an average of 400+MB RAM is eaten by Vista. The Vista Ultimate Edition eats 400-700 MB RAM on average]
    -I don’t recommend vista for gamers stick to XP if you really want to use vista get at least 2gb RAM (Oh yeah before you add more RAM to your system note that 32-bit Vistas only accept up to 3.12gb ram if I am right)
    This is a good OS for gamers just make sure you’re using a stable version of it by my experience Windows XP sp2 ver 2.0b is the most stable one out there (but I’m not an expert so don’t completely trust me over this I just said my observation)
    -Recommended for gamers with good computers
    Win 98
    This one is a really good OS it eats up very little resource although it is a lot less user friendly than xp and you would have to checck for software compatibility (But usually programs are backward compatible except for programs designed for 64 bit systems)
    Linux,Mac and other OS that are not windows
    Linux is Good. I don’t really know about the others… Sorry
    -I would recommend Linux but a lot of people might have a hard time adjusting to it
    Other window systems
    Windows ME – Maraming Errors
    Windows 2000 – 2000+ Error prompts
    Windows 95 – Good but 98 is better IMO

    Tip 9: Kill your firewalls [Kinda Dangerous for newbs]
    Closing your firewalls will definitely help your connection but makes you open to viruses. I would recommend players to only close their firewalls before playing and do not do anything else but play. After playing turn on your firewall again. Also if you do this increase your virus scans per week

    Tip 10: Defragment your hard disks and keep your hard disk memory as free as possible

    Defragmenting is basically in non technical terms is placing stuff in your memory in a way that it is orderly so that your hard disk can find things faster.

  • kirstinkaye

    bakit pag naglalaro ako ng RF at PW hindi lag. pag RO sobrang lag..

    (i think the system reqs for RF and PW are higher than RO..)


  • mark

    i think it’s the signal..
    kaya lag.. talaga..
    if the signal ay malaks.. siympre no lag..

  • Asaness Jc

    Services to Disable

    1. Application Experience
    2. Computer Browser
    3.Error Reporting Service
    4. Desktop Window Manager Session Manager (Theme will be disabled)
    5. Diagnostic Policy Service
    6. IP Helper
    7. Offline Files
    8. Portable Device Enumerator Service
    9. Print Spooler
    10.Distributed Link Tracking Client
    11. Protected Storage
    12.Secondary Logon
    13. Server (If your computer do not connect with any network)
    14. Tablet PC Input Service
    15. Themes
    16. TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
    17. Windows Media Center Service Launcher
    18. Windows Search
    19.Remote Registry
    20. Windows Time
    21. Windows security center
    22. Windows updates

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