Houseruling Talisman 4th Edition


Me and my gaming group have been playing Talisman since the 80’s. Yup, we’re old chaps! Lately, we’ve acquired the latest edition from Fantasy Flight (as well as a couple of expansions) and we have some issues with the length of the game (we had a 5 hour game last weekend) and the sheer randomness of it. So, to fix it, our group has some HouseRules which you can adapt as well


These optional rules were meant to address the following

  • The game took too long
  • The game relied on the randomness of cards. If someone had a head start (with EXP) it was nearly impossible to catch up and prevent that player from winning



The rules…

  1. Everybody begins with a Talisman. No need for quests or to fight for it
  2. Add 1 STR or CRAFT to a stat of your choice.
  3. EXP trophy ratios are 5:1 (or you could also do 4:1) instead of the usual 7:1
  4. There is NO Sentinel. Everyone can freely go up the middle regions if they feel they are ready. (Our gaming group feels that losing a couple of turns fighting the Sentinel is a complete and utter waste of time since you DO NOT gain anything from it)
  5. Separate the adventure cards into 3 piles. The first pile should contain all the monsters and enemies (Craft and Str based). In the second pile, place all LOOTS – items, golds, etc. The 3rd pile, all event cards and everything not included in the first and second pile should be placed. Now you will have the 1) ENCOUNTER deck 2) LOOT/TREASURE deck 3) EVENT deck
  6. Every time a character lands in a space that says “DRAW A CARD”, the player may decide if he wants to LOOK FOR TROUBLE – fight an enemy and draw from the ENCOUNTER deck
  7. If the character wins from the enemy, he may take the Trophy as usual but he also gets to draw from the LOOT/TREASURE deck.
  8. If it’s a stand-off or the Enemy wins, he does not get to draw from the LOOT or TREASURE pile but gets the consolation of drawing from the EVENT deck
  9. Rules that apply to “looking or peeking” at adventure cards will cause the character to choice ONE PILE only
  10. If a space asks you to draw more than 1 card, always draw the additional card/s from the EVENT deck.
  11. Once a character gets to the Crown of Command chamber and “wears the crown”, there is NO NEED to roll. We assume that the Crown is so fucking powerful and all you have to do is to will everyone to automatically lose one life.

That’s it! 

Please let me know how this works for your group! I hope you guys enjoy and have fun!

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