Girls Playing Video Games Have More Sex

Alrighty… in response to a request by CaptainSlackr (who commented on my recent post about the relationship of video games to corporate and management skills), I have a slightly different take on the subject. This time in the “matter that rhymes with text” (sigh)

According to research around February of this year, this time done by the British, women who play video games (in particular if they carry a Nintendo DS or a PSP) have more sex than those girls who do not play!

Details after the jump!

According to the study:

Wired blog Game | Life cites a survey conducted by Gametart, UK’s largest online games rental company, whose initial purpose was to measure the impact of the pink PSP and the Nintendo DS on gamers’ sex lives across England. The survey threw up some interesting findings.

Of a 200 women sample, those who played video games on average had sex 4.3 times a week while those who didn’t play games only had sex just 3.2 times a week.

The survey also revealed that those gamer girls who started playing games recently have sex more often than before.

Alrighty then!

Next time you see a chick with a pink DS, you better watch out… or follow her.

Best of luck…

Happy weekend pervs!


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  • Davion

    WOW WOW WOW!!! gotta get me a psp

  • Dj_BB

    uhm.. what is sex? Is that edible?


    So if you are searchin` around for a FB, better look for someone who play virtual games.

  • CaptainSlackr

    Wow! Thanks for this article GM T! In that case, I better get my wife a PSP or DS tomorrow. Is it a good sign when she asks for a vibrating Wii controller?

  • GM T

    There IS a Wii lightsaber in the works… not for sex, though… wakokoko

  • Chromie

    :evilgrin: muwahaha! thnx gmtristan!

  • Mike Abundo

    Yes, this is true. Don’t ask me how I know. ;)

  • headtrip

    LOL 11/10

  • distrust

    ahaha.. ayos ah!. if i’m not mistaken, my kumander has a pink psp. hmm.. so that’s why.. XD j/k~!

  • priss

    wew.. hehe.. nice >.

  • peps

    Wahaha, this article made my day! :D

  • necro

    lol. 4.3 times a week?! Now I know I’m really missing out on something…

  • Feyren

    Pati pala sa Sex Life nakakasira ang video games lol. Papano kung sa lalaki?

  • Blood

    Correction po feyren: Nakakapag po improve ng sex life ang video games ayon sa nasusulat :)

  • Angelic Jhoy

    Im so, so mad and disappointed on this!!

    THIs is not TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have lot o’gamer Gurl Friends like me and we are not whore, i dnt thnk gurlz who play games alot (consoles or online) have more sex than who does not play!

    how about this..

    there are lot of family who does not have PS2 or Ps or any consoles of course even PCs,
    instead of playing, Gurls who belongs to this family make tambay on the street or hangout with some goons or PUNks!!
    or even take drugs!!! dnt you all thnk that they are very active on sex? or maybe ULTRA active…

    most of the gurls that play MMORPG, play at home because they dnt want to play outside coz of bad people!! or they are worry in there safety,
    some play in daylight..

    My mom always told this in her friends..

    “kahit almost 10k ang bill nmin sa kuryente eh ok n skn kesa nmn labas ng lbas ang mga anak ko at mapano lng sila sa lbas, baka anu nlng mngyari s knla o iba ang maging mapagkaabalahan nila..”

    this is enuf reason to conclude that this is not true!!

    to all people na natuwa u are all very ASA!!!

  • Mike Abundo

    You talk about sex like it’s a bad thing, Jhoy. Grow up.

  • Angelic Jhoy

    its better to be like this than to take advantage
    and green minded polluted brain or PERVS!!!!!! for short

  • Mike Abundo

    Be that way then, Jhoy. Just don’t go around calling people with a healthy sex lives whores.

  • Angelic Jhoy

    ok im cool!
    i will not make some equivocation to all o’you guyz, any way its a guyz thingy!!!

    but if this will be the case and the measure of all people i dnt think that gurl will play MMORPG or COnsole’s game anymore… sooner or later it will be for boys exclusive only! coz in this point of view sickos will think the game will be a passage or a portal for a sexual life.

  • Mike Abundo

    People have always had “a passage or a portal for a sexual life”. It’s called puberty.

  • Angelic Jhoy

    geeeeez… i can see how persistent you are about sex..

    anyway.. is that all matter for you? playing MMORPG hunting gurls? or in real life?
    courting gurlz to have an active sexual etc etc
    or loving gurlz to have aheeeeeeem//

    hmmmmm i can see how sick u are

    tell me? ah ok .. even though what u say i dnt care!

    if some1 court me w/ a personality o’yours.. he is so no chance fo’me


  • Mike Abundo

    I don’t court girls for sex, Jhoy. They court me. A lot of the girls who succeed are, in fact, gamer girls. That’s how I know what Mon’s saying is true.

  • Mike Abundo

    On a related note, Maria Ozawa plays Guild Wars. ;)

  • Angelic Jhoy

    awtz? really? u dnt look attractive to me..
    or mybe because im not attracted to animals..

    and look at your photos!!
    d kb nhihiya?

    awtz… you are sick pervs etc…

    d m b naiisip ur mother sister?
    awtz.. u r so…….. grrrrr

  • Mike Abundo

    I’m actually glad my mom has a healthy sex life. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here.

  • Mike Abundo

    On another related note, Maria Ozawa owns a pink DS.

  • Angelic Jhoy


    ok lst n nga pra mtpos n GRRRRRR……

    not gurlz are the same kaya dnt thnk n all gurlz will have sex w/ u coz of gamez..
    and have respect nmn kht konti!

  • Mike Abundo

    You’re confused, Jhoy. Just because gamer girls get more sex, doesn’t mean girls will have sex with me because of games.

    Women will have sex with me because they want to have sex with me, not because of games or Level Up or GM Tristan or anything else. You’re the one disrespecting women here, Jhoy.

  • Stormwell

    Err.. there’s nobody on the topic called gamer girls whores. Having sex doesn’t mean you have to be a whore. Oh, how I love what religious churches teach to young minds(I dont intend to insult your barely thinking out loud-just have to make sure).

  • DeSquallie

    @Angelic Jhoy

    Misinterpreted is the best bet of this scenario but I do have to agree with you partly because women should be respected. But with this article, it is safe to be posted as it is part of a scientific study made on British women. This is just a study not a fact for all.

    I wonder if consoles like PS2, PS3, PC, and the rest would have the same results if they conducted an extensive study.

  • http://na justincool

    bat parang natahimik na si gm t. . this thread had me goin on for a wyl, til i scrolled down . . . .hahahaha

  • GM T

    Well… naaliw lang me sa mga comments.

    Really interesting. Let me gather my thoughts and I’ll do feedback in a while.


  • Horonaim

    We were getting a kick out of this as well. :lol:

  • Morrigan

    WTF! Who said anything about whores? The entry only mentioned “having more sex” not having sex with DIFFERENT guys. Read for Pete’s sake!

  • DeSquallie

    Hindi kaya hormones stimulated during video games activity are the same hormones that kick up a sexual appetite? Just a thought.

  • GM T

    Easy… easy…

    Jhoy: My apologies if the post offended you. It’s not MY opinion. I just SHARED a research done by the British. My readers never called “girl gamers” the “W” word.

    Folks, let’s be sensitive and not add fuel to the fire.

    Respect one another shall we?


  • kevinzky

    haha! the comments were cool. i had fun reading this blog GM T. haha! kakaiba.

  • lei

    Interesting article it serve as my coffee this early mroning.Thanks for the trivia. Its something new and out of the ordinary.

  • Emcee

    Interesting. :)

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