Girls of Gstar 2008 Part 1


As promised, here are photos of booth babes from the Gstar 2008 event here in Seoul, Korea.

I had a lot of meetings and activities and only managed to photograph a few of the babes. But don’t worry, I’ll get more on day 2 hopefully.

Enough about me, on to the babes…

GSTAR 2008 BOOTH BABES (copyright 2008

Hope you enjoyed. I’ll be posting more photos about the event and more babes tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Gotta go…


>> Compare them to the 2007 Gstar Booth Babes

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  • Dodge

    Girl in Yellow and Black dress with glasses FTW. Any good shots of the face?

    Soccer babe good.

    Me caveman. Ooga Booga.

    Me like pics, GMT. Nice.

  • kaira

    Ito pala ginagawa niyo sa Korea! Hahaha!

    hello GMT! :)

  • sylv3rblade

    rawrr! Sana sa LU Live 2009 may ganyan GM T
    greet waker-upper XD

  • budjong

    wow freestyle football!

  • Xiphias

    Freestyle Football!!! I WANT TO PLAY THAT GAME T_T

    At kung di ako mali Digimon Online yung nasa bg ng pics 9 and 10 noh? Gusto ko rin yun wah! T_T

  • asdsd

    om nom nom nom nom nommmm

  • ja

    gotta love those koreans! haha. no jeon ji hyun? T_T

  • mhuu~

    The Freestyle Football Girl is Hwang Mi Hee.

  • kyo

    d ko kailangan ng freestyle football sa LU live 2009,,,
    kailangan ko ung babaeng sa picz sana pumunta dun hahahahha….

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