Get More Value for your Gaming Money

Even if the game is Free-to-Play, you need money to sustain your online gaming. If you play at an Internet Cafe, you will spend on hourly rentals – this is usually P20 per hour here in the Philippines.

Don’t forget your essentials like food, drinks and transportation and you’ll only be limited by your daily budget.

This article will show you how to stretch your gaming budget and make your money work for you thereby giving you more bang for the buck

Let’s look deeper into a typical gamer’s spending:

  • 3 hours per day at a cafe = P60.00
  • Food = P50.00
  • Transpo = P30.00

That’s P140 per day or a total of P700 in a 5-day week.

If you have a P1,000.00 per week allowance of budget, this will leave you with only P300 for other non-gaming expenses.

How do we stretch this budget?

Ironic as it may seem, investing in a game’s ITEM MALL will save you money in the long run.


Let’s say you’re targetting to level up this week and you’ve figured that it will take you around 30 hours to do so. Using the above budget, that will gross you P1,400 in total expenses. But if you can half the time by buying XP items, you will only spend P700 plus around P100 to P200 for the items you buy to help you gain that level.

In total, you save P500.00 net! Not bad for a small investment, right? Many games have special XP items and other consumables to help you with your leveling. In RF Online, for example, there’s also the Premium Subscription which will give you more mods. This means that you gain levels in lesser time.

Hope this helps!



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