Generate a Cool Name for your MMO Character

How many times have you met either a noob, or a nuisance character named ^^{{jam345}}^^ or something to that extent? Isn’t it annoying?

For some people, especially the “purist” gamers who are into “role-playing”, they’re bothered by common and lame names devoid of creativity.

If you’re stuck without a name for your MMORPG character, don’t worry, help is here. I’m going to show you several online tools which you can use to create a name worthy of a Bard’s poem.

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Online Name Generators

So now, you know “what’s in a name”. Next time you meet that dude with random special characters for a name, do him a favor and share these tools with him (or her).

Hope this helps.


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Author: Mon Macutay

Mon Macutay is a geek, gamer and technie at heart. He is also the CEO and founder of startup Big Ideas Social Media Inc., a Digital Marketing and Social Media Services company based in Makati, Philippines.

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