Generate a Cool Name for your MMO Character

How many times have you met either a noob, or a nuisance character named ^^{{jam345}}^^ or something to that extent? Isn’t it annoying?

For some people, especially the “purist” gamers who are into “role-playing”, they’re bothered by common and lame names devoid of creativity.

If you’re stuck without a name for your MMORPG character, don’t worry, help is here. I’m going to show you several online tools which you can use to create a name worthy of a Bard’s poem.

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Online Name Generators

So now, you know “what’s in a name”. Next time you meet that dude with random special characters for a name, do him a favor and share these tools with him (or her).

Hope this helps.


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  • Chino Yray

    those names with special characters are not just annoying but also hard to PM (give a private message) especially if you want to trade with them. -.-

  • issai

    i agree with chino…

    i named one of my characters “mysql” hehe…

  • fatman

    One way to use a name you like but is already taken, you can add an epithet, example Eric-the-Red.

  • Macnerdzcare

    na-try ko na at ok lang

  • sylv3rblade

    I used to have characters with special character only names (when allowed). Keeps those pesky beggers away from PM-ing you. Just remember to add people to your friends list so they can PM you or at least teach them how to type your name right.

    @ate issai
    lol. walang maisip or trip lang? o.O

  • issai

    trip lang… hehehe!

  • Noel

    sorry to say, I didn’t like the names being generated by Evil Name Generator. So common and so, well, common

  • Rhyce

    You can also try getting your Elvish name here.
    Mine’s Caranthir Tîwele. xD

  • Blackwolf

    Once you have a name you like, stay with it – especially if it’s not very common. I have kept some of my names for decades.

  • http://mmorpg Tim

    My favorite names where

    Evil flying dragon demon haha jk that does sound pimp though

    but if i want something stupid i usually go with
    spoon smuggler it fits me some how :O
    im not saying the other names because well somone might steal them there that awsome hah

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  • jennifer

    i went through the baby names and found tons of good names for mmo’s…. iv been looking for a online mmo i can play.. has to be fun i tried runscape already.. here are sum cute names i found
    girl names:
    agalia- means bright joy
    adeline and adelina- both mean noble
    aerilyn- means beautiful air
    adabella- means lovely
    boy names:
    abhay- means fearless
    adjatay- means prince but its still pretty cool
    agamenon- means very resolute
    and there is tons more ^^

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