Games Being Donated to US Troops in Iraq

I always thought that my current workload is stressful – managing people, the games and coordinating with developers, etc. But there’s nothing more stressful than being in Iraq, donning a US Army uniform which makes you a walking target for terrorists. And that’s where video games come into the picture. Ain’t nothing like lounging in the couch with a good FPS or action game, eh?

Oh well, good thing that Cheap Ass Gamer has a “Donate Games to the Troops in Iraq” campaign. If you want to help, just send it to the address specified at their site.


A gamer (who’s presumambly also a US Army officer) is stationed at Iraq and does the organizing and distribution. A photo of your donation will appear on their flickr page too.

Ok, Master Sargeant, go kill some orcs!

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  • fatman

    If I was a soldier in Iraq, I’d probably avoid FPS as much as possible. /swt

  • Blackwolf

    Now THAT is a worthwhile charity. Who gives a flying paksyet about donating priests and nuns? Vatican City has more cash than we do!

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