FlyFF v11 Now Online

After a looong downtime last Wednesday, May 14, we finally managed to launch FlyFF’s newest patch episode – FlyFF Version 11 Destination: Azria.

Thanks to the efforts of FlyFF Brand Manager, GM Atma, Community Manager GM Kumiko and the rest of the FlyFF team, Destination Azria is now up and running in the commercial server. Well done! Great work, guys! We also got an official website for this latest episode.

Destination Azria features the snow-clad map, Azria with better monsters, drops and EXP. Getting to Azria requires you to purchase a ticket. Tickets are available at the item shop for P90.00 (7 days) and P160.00 (15 days).

So, enjoy Azria and its many features today. Register now and play FlyFF for FREE.

Btw, apologies for the intermittent connection problems yesterday for my blog. There have been some technical problems with my host service company. That’s already resolved, as you can see.

Have a nice weekend!




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