Female Fantasy Armors

Ever wondered why female warriors are scantily clad?

Even if the armor they wear provides the same type of protection as their male counterparts? Yeah, right! Babes don’t just look good in full-plate. Although you get the “curves”, there ain’t much flesh.

And it’s all in the flesh, boys. And yes, they do offer the same protection. I mean, you can repel arrows, pole-arms, spears and swords with the amount of plate and mail that these babes have, right?

And you can do it looking as sexy as you can be! Rawwrrr!

Check out more sample images of female fantasy armors after the break…


Your thoughts?

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  • http://www.atmaxplorer.com sylv3rblade

    Haha.. I really admire the guys/girls who design armors for the female form. It’s really catchy. If they were used in earlier times though. I’m quite sure they wouldn’t be as effective as seen in MMOs.

  • http://www.project365days.com/ P365D

    Last picture? lol Armor pa ba yan? Hehe ano pang proprokektahan nyan o_O

  • http://www.ladygadfly.com issai

    check out wow female blood elf rogues in full armor, they look awesome! i’m always jealous of their glowing swords… and stealth is sexy. full armor is cooler than bikini type ones.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06713189625274904941 fatman

    That’s why it’s called “magic” armor. :P

  • http://www.project365days.com/ P365D

    LOL! At magic armors hehe…Its good to have that in the military lololol :D

  • http://gmtristan.com GM T

    hmmm… you’re RIGHT! Magic… I didn’t think of that.

    Thanks for the nice insight

  • Blackwolf

    Based on experience, most women who play MMORPGs will choose smart, sexy and tasteful armor for their characters. Most players who wear extremely revealing armor are almost certainly guys. Remember that the next time you see a hot elven chick in a chainmail G-string with bottle caps for gazonga protectors…

  • XD

    Female Fantasy Armors: the less they cover the higher the defense rating.

  • Zaniac

    To be fair, the last image is not armor per se.
    It is a living metallo-organic organism, or rather, a magical weapon, that can “shape-shift” into any shape and size, with enough speed to intercept an incoming arrow, bullet or energy-blast.

    So, it will morph into a full armor plate, a shield, a lance or spear or guard-sword, whatever is needed. When it is needed. And in the process it will shred the wielder of her normal clothes… ^^

    In the meantime, it will do just enough covering, to not be too impractical :)


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