Earthquake is Reason for Slow Internet Access in Philippines

If you’re fuming mad (like me) because of the turtle-like pace of Internet connection here in the Philippines and South East Asia, it’s because of a recent earthquake that struck near Japan yesterday.

Official reports say that “A segment of the Asia-Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2) undersea cable network between China and Taiwan suffered a serious cable fault on Wednesday, causing Internet traffic to be rerouted onto other undersea cables and slowing Internet access for some users in Southeast Asia.”

So, expect slow connections from today until at least a week before it can be repaired.

The APCN cables link connections of countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, South Korea and Japan.

Experts say that repair of these facilities might take until August 14 or 20, depending upon weather conditions.

So, expect slow access and keep your cool!

Dang! No video posts muna for


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  • bRO player

    “I felt a great disturbance in the Force… as if millions of internet users suddenly cried out in terror and were left with no porn.”

    Joke aside, there is no language able to curse enough slow internet…… hope it’s fixed soon!

  • sylv3rblade

    I think it’s relatively fixed. My net connection was bad yesterday evening and now it’s flowing right along back at optimum speed :D

  • drickz

    Good for you, sylv3rblade..

    However, I’m still experiencing veeery slooow connection now.. :(

  • sylv3rblade

    Hmm.. Net at the office does suck though :(
    I guess as always it depends where you are.

  • Mejie

    Same here..I’m still experiencing slow connection. Please fix it ASAP!!!
    it’s so hard to work..

  • Camille

    try using a US proxy…

  • alvin fernandez

    Do you have any news when it is fixed?

  • Jason

    I was also thinking the Japan earthquake caused it, but according to this report, it was typhoon Morakot that caused the outage.,39044192,62056838,00.htm

  • Yuki

    I got a slow internet [ Northern Mindanao ] .. I just noticed it yesterday. I wasn’t able to watch One piece because of its slowness. I can’t even play games dammit! I hope It will be fixed soon.

    [ Question ]

    Would it be fixed next week?
    I hope it does.

  • iskolokoy

    ang bagal ng facebook! putcha! :)

  • ajgau1

    what aug 30?? who could survive the week-end with no internet?? the hell!
    man hope it’s fixed sooner than expected…

    huh I was using the net early morning and it was fast my download was 100kps… I thought it was fixed… now I can’t even visit a site this is worst than yesterday… yesterday I could still visit sites to download stuffs… now I can’t… T_T

  • Rico

    will using a US proxy work?

  • Galan

    My Internet actually sped up. From 150 kbytes per second, my speed (download) increased to 500 kbytes per second! Yay! Now there’s no pauses in my YouTube videos even in HD. And the speed was maintained instead of the usual 150 kbytes/sec then 50 kbytes/sec the next 2 seconds. My upload speed also skyrocketed from 50 kbytes/sec to 390 kbytes/sec. Wow! I love this earthquake thing.

  • saiRe

    argh… i stiLL really experience this… T_T i cant watch any video… play any games and etc… Facebook also is sooooo slow… argh! hope it will be fixed asap!

  • Asker25

    tnx for the news GM T!

    earthquake pala dahilan.. sosyal XD

    sana maayos na ito in less than a week

  • Blu3martini

    Slow pa rin sakin hanggang ngayon. Di naman kasalanan ng Smart Bro(Internet ko sa bahay)so okay lang sakin. Until then stuck with 200kbps below; Miss ko na yung 512kbps

  • Taga-subaybay

    kaya pla ang LAG mas talo pa yata ung pagong eh … akala ko nung nag install ako kagabi ng pang edit ng quest / map para sa MHFU ko .. ehh un ang dahilan kaya nag reformat nlng ako ( sacrifice ) mali pla ….. xD may dahilan pla kaya slow …. SUPER SLOW !!! thanx sa info gmtristan (minsan pa sakay sa jeep mo)

  • lj

    kami rin dito sa shop, sobrang bagal.. mawawala customers pag ganito nang ganito.. hay.. sana maayos na..

  • adik!

    Me im using Wireless connection so im not affected!for those usingh wireless internet you should have no problem :-)

  • Emil Fencer Hatsuya

    This is just gay, where’s my first comment in this post? Don’t tell me that anything that concerns Level-Up’s rivals are meant to be erased huh!?


  • Kore

    Normal connection is already restored na dito sa amin.

  • kupal!

    bakit tinanggal messages ko ha

  • Jay Castillo

    So this was the cause! I was having trouble uploading files for upcoming articles a couple of nights ago and all the while I thought it was because my wife was consuming all the bandwidth kaka-facebook. ;-)

  • anjeanette

    ohh..that’s why youtube loads very slowly…
    as in..nkaka inip..oh well,i hope they’ll
    fix it very soon…

  • Pokwang

    Pwede ka makapag online games. Like sa Garena. Ung dota and blackshot ndi xa lag. Try nyo

  • Lawrence

    uu nga, ang bagal2x, pldt dsl aku peru ung ibang network provider mabilis, until now mabagal pa rin ung dsl namen… baket ung globe ng iba mabilis??? nver cla nka-experience ng delay???

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  • http://na bob

    cos everything here is shit and a rip off! that’s why your internet is slow.

  • Emanuel Julitz

    This place just made my day.

    I’ve been scoping around for talk about this. I’m glad now that I found this web site.

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