Coining A Term

One of the exciting things about the online gaming industry is that players are apt to coin and make new phrases and terms. Who doesn’t know now famous words like Amp, Chicksilog, CE, DDNM and a host of others?

Meanwhile, Rohan Community Manager: GM Krieger has joined the bandwagon; having coined a term of his own design – Power Leveling Period (PLP). He uses this to describe his cool EXP mod events.

Now, that’s what a call inovation. Isa kang Tunay na Lalake, Krieger!

Ahoo – Ahoo!

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  • Asker25

    si GM Krieger poh ba yn???

  • GM T


    Ampogi ano?

  • Kundun

    pogi bang mukha ngang unggoy

  • WarhammerX

    ok lang naman.. eh ako panot na nga.. wengks

  • Sexydoll

    Moody person based on his face ~

  • Caladbolg

    Ta3ng comment ni Kundun yan :lol:

  • aLgabrieL


  • GayaGayaName

    Haha dami gaya gaya name naninira

  • Prisonerrespect

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