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Comic Con 2011 Cosplay Photos

Was at SM MegaMall earlier for the annual Comic Con. As expected, the area was abuzz with Cosplayers. What really surprised me is the talent and creativity of our cosplayers. They really get better through the years.

The photos (after the break) can attest to that.


Recover Your Stolen Camera Online

This looks interesting…. just drag and drop the photos from your missing DSLR and this website will use the EXIF data to crawl and search the web to help you find out where your camera is. Haven’t used it personally and I don’t know if it works.

But it may be worth a shot if you lose that precious DSLR or digital point-and-shoot of yours. So keep the info handy and don’t forget to share this too.


Photography: Holy Week 2011

Just some random shots that I took when me and my wife went around to do the Visita Iglesia (7 churches) on Maundy Thursday.

Hope you guys have a safe and blessed Holy Week…

More photos after the jump.


Photography: How To Take Better Photos in Low Light

One of the hardest situations a hobbyist (or maybe even pro) photographer will face is low light. Without a flash, this task is daunting. This will call for longer exposures since your cameras takes in additional seconds to process the lack of light.

Here are some best practices that you can use to take better photos even at low light situations. Although more for DSLR users, point-and-shoot owners can also learn a lot from this.


Completed: Darth Vader 12″ Vinyl Kit

Finally completed my Darth Vader 1/6 scale vinyl model kit. This took around 2 weeks to build, clean assemble and paint. The challenge with this project was that there were around 3 to 4 “variants” of black that was used for the kit; flat black, semi-gloss, and gloss.

More photos after the break…


Super Moon Photos

Went out around 1:45am today to catch a glimpse of the Super Moon, towed my DSLR, tripod, the works.

Too bad it was damn cloudy outside. I tried to get shots when the moon would glimpse through the clouds. Here’s the best I can do.


Photography: Stormtroopers


Blog is backkkk! After some time to pause for the migration…

Apologies for not posting often due to that. Anyways, let’s get the ball rolling with these casual and wacky shots of my new Star Wars stormtrooper action figs which arrived via Ebay recently.

There are a lot of fun, wild photos of stormtroopers online; there’s one in Facebook and a couple in Flickr too here and here.

At any rate, do check out my photos after the break. Don’t forget to share…


Finished: Star Wars AT-AT and Diorama


At last, am finally done with this project. I started during the Christmas break and was finally able to do the snow/Hoth scene dio.

Check out more of the pics after the break. I promise to upload my Work-In-Progress (W.I.P.) photos and notes soon.


Time Traveler Caught On Camera?

Take a look at the photo above. This was taken in 1940 during the Reopening of the South Fork Bridge in the US of A.

Do you spot the suspicious time-traveling man? He appears to be wearing modern shades, a printed shirt and is holding what appears to be DSLR? No, this image was not photoshopped and appears in the Bralone Museum.


Cool 3D Street Art

No, it’s NOT REAL. It’s a painting!

See how it was made after the jump…


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