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Merry LU! Christmas Online Video Feed

Celebrate the Christmas season with us as we launch our new online show, LIVE! The Show: Merry LU! Christmas!, which airs from Dec. 15-19.

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This is our very first Christmas online show, following the success of the Level Up! LIVE 2008 Live Blog and live video stream, and our first online show, Reliving LIVE: The LIVE 2008 Experience

Merry LU! Christmas! is our way of thanking the LU! community for your unwavering support, as well as responding to the request of viewers to make online shows and video chat sessions with our GMs a regular offering on our portal.


LIVE 2008 Complete Winners List

We are pleased to announce the official winners of the recently concluded Level Up LIVE 2008 event. Thanks to all our loyal LU gamers for making this historic event a huge success!

Props and congratulations to all the talented groups and individuals for winning the respective tournaments/contests below!


Reliving LIVE 2008


Did you miss the BIGGEST GAMING EVENT in the Philippines? Did you fail to catch the live streaming videos of the exciting matches, side events and other activities?

Fear not! Tomorrow, November 10, is your chance to experience LIVE 2008 all over again via the Reliving Live 2008 liveblogging feature. Here, we’re going to replay featured moments PLUS give you bonus interviews, chat and performances.


Zeph The Cora Girl


One of the winners of the LIVE 2008 Cosplay (Best female cosplayer) is “that Cora Girl”. Well, she’s not a “Jane Doe” anymore.  Her real name is Shelah Zephaniah S. Espino or simply “Zeph” for short.

My good friend Master Diwa, also a reknowned cosplayer, did an interview of Zeph. Apparently, this is the first time that Zeph cosplayed for a major event. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of Zeph in the coming months. ”It feels great! We were ecstatic, we were overwhelmed and surprised! There are a lot of good cosplayers out there, and I wasn’t even thinking of winning then. I just wanted to get it over with, in a good way though. I loved being in my Cora costume, so it helped ease the pressure.” Zeph said.

With Master Diwa’s permission, I am replicating his video interview with Zeph. Coming up after the jump.


October 2008 Recap


Whew! October was a big, big month… not just for Level Up but for gaming as well.

Big ticket, of course, was the immensely succesful Level Up LIVE 2008 where the RWC was held for the first time outside of Korea. Sadly, team Philippines didn’t make the top 3 but they sure showed the competition that we’ve got the spirit and the drive to win. It was one helluva fight. For that, we are proud. After the smoke settled, it was Thailand that took the crown (a repeat of 2007) from stalwart, Korea 3-2 in their best of five finals match.


Filharmonika Orchestra Plays Ragnarok at LIVE 2008


One of the highlights of the recently concluded RWC and LIVE 2008 event is a special performance by the Filharmonika Orchestra. Conducted by maestro Gerard Salonga, the 50-piece orchestra played well-known Ragnarok in-game background music such as “Theme of Prontera” and “Theme of Juno”.

Special thanks goes to Gerard and the entire Filharmonika for this first-ever performance for a gaming event. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Charles Rapaport of AmbientMedia for coordinating with me and the LIVE organizing committee and making this idea a reality.

The video after the break.


An Event of Firsts


Everyone in the Level Up team is glad that LIVE 2008 was a huge success. We’re so happy to see the “ocean” of gamers. In fact, our visitors and VIP guests from various publishers and friends from the industry were all impressed and in awe of the event. It’s also nice to hear positive feedback from our foreign RWC competitors.

I’m now at the tail-end of much needed “recharge” – 1 entire week of vacation and I’m eager to hit the desk again and get back to work with the team to bring you better events, promos and a whole slew of stuff to do in-game.

Meanwhile, in retrospect, Level UP LIVE 2008 was indeed an event of FIRSTS. Let me list it down for you after the break…


LIVE 2008 Cosplay


The annual cosplay is one of the main attractions at LIVE. And this year, we were once again in awe of the creativity of the Pinoy cosplayer. Even my friends from Gravity were impressed. That makes me proud to be Pinoy! Thanks to all those who joined and special thanks goes to GM Lilith for being the uber-lady-in-charge of the LIVE cosplay. When it comes to cosplay, we always defer to her. Thangs, Leng for a fantastic job, as always.

I’ve managed to shoot some photos during the cosplay. But since I was really busy, I wasn’t able to document the entire thing. Cosplay slide show follows the jump.



LIVE 2008 Tournament Winners List


By now, you guys already know the official list of winners for the 2008 Ragnarok World Championships, right? This time around, let’s pay our respects to the deserving winners of the other LIVE 2008 tournaments. They are all Champions and worthy of the crown. I admire their dedication and passion for their game. It’s good to know that the Filipino spirit of competition is alive and these guys are all role-models that other players should follow. They (and their guilds) have prepared for this moment for months.

To all the winners – hats off to you! You have earned the right to be the true “Gods of Gaming”.

The list after the jump.


Thailand vs. Korea Videos

We’ve just uploaded the final batch of videos for RWC 2008.

The above video is the first match between Thailand and Korea for the Grand Finals. Of course, we all know that Thailand is the RWC 2008 Champion.

In this round, Thailand takes first blood. For more videos of the succeeding rounds, head on over to the official Level Up youtube channel. Peace out!

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