I’ve always toyed with the idea of conceptualizing and designing an all-Filipino MMORPG, one that shouts “truly Pinoy”. It’s in my “career wish list”, so to speak.

I guess there’s nothing wrong with daydreaming. But I know we’re not far from achieving it. Some of my friends have already designed Anito, the first true Filipino PC game. But when I say Pinoy MMORPG, it should have real Filipino elements, culture and flavor. One that we can call our very own.

Join me as we go on a brainstorming rampage on how we create the MMORPG that WE want to play.

The Genre

First, we have to figure out the genre. For me, I’m narrowing the choice to Fantasy, Contemporary and Sci-Fi. If we go the fantasy way, there are several routes – one can go the classic Filipino heritage and legends way; where you’ll see aswangs, tikbalangs and kapres. Imagine a boss fight with a Mananggal and you’ll get what I mean. Classes or Jobs can be Panday, Salamangkero, Mankukulam, Faith Healer (Albularyo), or a Kawal (warrior). Weapons can be those from the days of Lapu-Lapu or the era of Carpio. Exciting indeed!

Local TV have also honed the creative talents of Filipinos with hits such as Mulawin and Engkantadia - these were of course inspired by the original Pinoy fantasy epic starring the late Fernando Poe Jr – Panday! This MMO that we’re designing can also derive skills, magic and races from these sources.

And we’re just starting! We can also design an MMO using contemporary or sci-fi angle. Remember the Bong Revilla movie Resiklo? It wasn’t fantastic but it could be a start. A post-apocalyptic Philippines. I can see now that the patches are going to be cities like Cebu or Davao. What can be more exciting than playing in areas that you are truly familiar with.


Magic and skills can also be derived from Philippine folklore and mythology. The provinces are a host to myriad of spells, incantations and rituals. “Mang Kepweng, pede pa baps?!?”. You get what I mean? Who needs elems or boss cards when you can craft and fashion your very own Agimats? Coolnezz!

We also have scores of weapons and even martial arts that we can use. Eskrima quickly comes to mind. I wonder what the pre-requisites for the skill will be? The game should be skill-based so that players can combine the best elements from Philippine myth.


I’m sure that this will be a reality one day. The only thing stopping us is the cost. There’s nothing lacking when it comes to talent or ideas (this article is proof that there are lot of good sources to cull from). I’m positive that this will be a definite hit. It’s not a joke to create and design a complete MMORPG. It can take a couple of years plus, game balance will always be a big issue.

But at least we’ve started the ball rolling.

If you were to be included in the design team, what would you want to have in our OWN GAME?

Sound off by commenting below.



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  • Paul

    Definitely include the noli me tangere and el fili for boss drops :D

  • Blackwolf

    Combat skills like arnis, kali and kuntao would be fun to see. Weapons like the balisong, kris (that’s one entire sword family which includes blades like the parang and kampilan) and tirador should be drops for fantasy-like settings.

    For a more modern milieu similar to Ran Online, you could include the Indian Pana. Characters could get around the city using jeeps and tricycles and we could have real traffic jams with busted traffic lights, conflicting one-way signs and takatak boyz hawking cigarettes and iStork to passersby.

    Hmmm… Maybe this is a bit too real…

  • Noel

    I would like to see a really Pinoy town, with nipa huts for the storage depots, etc.

  • Paul


    That would definitely eat up most of my RAM… XD

  • http://www.ladygadfly.com issai

    it should be like ancient philippines (pre-spanish kumbaga), para astig… with all the engkantadas, duwendes and all the cool magic stuff. and classes like the babaylan, mandirigma, etc… di ba pinoy na pinoy?

  • Lix Tetrax

    actually back in HS my group of friends decided to conceptualize the same idea, we had this idea of having an RF chip war like battle between races that you can choose from the start of the game, races like, Itas, warays, tagalog, bisaya, badjao etc. each race having their own unique skills. Hahahaha I really like to see a game based on philippine folklore hahhaa

  • http://www.ryantakyan.com Ryan

    Really good ideas! I want to have a 3D-like MMO where we can battle Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio as bosses and they have the katipuneros as their mobs. It’s good to concentrate the details during the Spanish and American colonialism since Anito already had it i the lines of Lapu-lapu and the Datus.

  • http://deadzombies256.multiply.com kuronosakura

    Rockin’ ideas man. Count me in if you want a storyline. I’m underage, but who said age was an issue? If you want staff, I’m in. And…yeah, Noli Me Tangere would be a nice rare item :D

  • anu daw?!?

    hey iam a waray and we hate manileños. hehehehe
    really interesting. funny too!! “mang Kepweng, pede pa baps?!?” or manang, paheal. hehehehe

  • Paul

    Hey count me in for some creative input there :lol:

  • kuronosakura

    whut duh.
    NO 3D.
    It makes PCs cry.

  • tim

    exiting nito! i hope one day makalaro nga tyo ng mmorpg na pinoy na pinoy! haha /gg

  • http://gmtristan.com GM T

    I hope so too, Tim.

    Hey guys, keep the ideas coming. Who knows? This COULD be the start of something big.

    GM T

  • TheWarGod

    Should have it’s own UTS/Auction system like in RF/PW “Tambunting”, Cebuana Lhuiller” Tie-ups anyone? :D

    you could also have “snatchers” as your basic rogue job class.

  • http://gmtristan.com GM T

    Ayus yan! hahaha

  • psychokamote

    basta iyong manananggal kamukha ni Gloria, at yung dwende kamukha ni chavit, lalaruin ko yan hahaha! baka lvl 100 kagad ako after playing 3 days straight hekhek!

    pwedeng maging epektibong behikulo ‘to para ma-educate ang mga bata sa kultura natin, kasi nawawala na, nagiging baduy na, nasasambit na lang sa mga biro’t katatawanan.

    suggestions ko:

    ipakita ang alibata. sa tatu man yan o nakaukit sa weapons, o tatak sa agimat ok lang basta ipakita nyo pls.

    matagal nang na-demonize ang tatu sa isipan ng mga pinoy. ipakita nyo naman sha bilang simbolo ng katapangan, o simbolo ng katungkulan sa lipunan, o simbolo ng achievement o kung ano man basta hindi negatibo. example, may certain design ng tatu na makukuha mo lang once u reach a certain level… it gives stat bonuses or protection from dwende attacks, etc… prang ganun

    ung mga Ifugao maraming anito. may anito ng palay, Bul-ul, anito ng kabundukan, ng ilog, ng digma etc. dun pa lng marami nang pagpipilian. my advantages and disadvantages pagdating sa skills, money-making, player-killing, etc. depende kung kninong anito mo ia-align ung character mo.

    please wag niyong gawing pinoy vs pinoy, waray vs tagalog, or ilocano vs bisaya… pagdating sa geography watak-watak tyo, sa kasaysayan natin watak-watak tayo, pati ba naman sa MMORPG watak-watak pa rin? Stick na lang sa good ‘ol fashioned good vs evil, kalaban mga aswang…

    iyan lang ang suggestions na naisip ko sa ngayon, napadaan lang ako eh, nagliliwaliw sa net lol. good luck sa Pinoy MMORPG na yan.

  • aki2o

    for me hehhe i lyk this article hehe makisali na rin me sa mga comment for me magandang ibase ang game natin kung sa mga jobs,race tayu magsisimula…
    mdyo ibase natin sa PW or sa ragna:
    meelee types: kawal(spearmen),panday(blacksmith),
    long range:babaylan(mage),engkantada(fairy),aswang(beast),holdaper(gunmen,goons)
    hahaha pede naman na isaaus ung ginawa ko hahahah
    then pede silang lagyan ng mga skills den diba…

    mga monsters pedeng pede kumuha sa mythology or in modern tyms but wag mga politicians kasi wasak agad ang game natin hahahha….

    for mga lugar gud nga na sa philippines kukuha^^


    4th yir high skul me and kukuha ako ng BSIT pangarap ko makapagtrabaho sa level up hahah and sana one day makasama ko sa team na gagawa ng maganda MMORPg na true blue filipino style hahhaha
    and sana makita kita sa personal idol tristan haha

  • http://i-mish-you.blogspot.com Mitch

    if i were given the chance to be in the designing team.. since we’re trying to create a game where the concept shouts.. truly pinoy…
    philippine history! pero sympre maganda kung fantasy. a mixed of both reality and our legends/folklores.
    kung races/classes.. we could go for mindanao-visaya-luzon..(race? mahirap naman isa-isahin lahat.. very diverse ang mga pinoy e) or we could just go for the more common humans-creatures class.
    we could make use of our native tribes as part of classes rin..
    naalala ko lang.. LOBO. haha. pwede kaya un? kung sabagay.. pinagusapan na rin ang mulawin at engkantadia.. isali nu na rin kaya 2 sila.. naks.. a collaboration between gma and abs-cbn and level up. ^^v o diba.. sakop na sakop na.

    lol. masyadong maraming ideas on how a pinoy mmorpg would be like.. pero exciting if our developers are really going to make one.

  • http://gmtristan.com GM T

    Those are great ideas, Mitch. Thanks for the comment. Hope you drop by here often

    GM T

  • RJ

    I would really like the idea of a 3d Philippine type MMORPG. Ang pinakagusto ko sa genre ay nasa Pre-Spanish history. If I would choose to design the game..:

    The entire Philippine islands and hopefully.. beyond for further events…

    For my taste.. I would have started with a novice type like class, then the player would have the freedom to choose his own classes (the more tiers the better)Also that the players can choose up to 3 types of classes and a prestige class. Note: EVEN BETTER IF YOU TRY TO MIX IN SOME FOREIGN CLASSES:
    Ang mga Malaya(novice)
    Philippine based Classes
    1st Tier:
    Basaguleros(Start of the warrior classes)
    Makatads(Start of the bard classes)
    Makakita(Start of the mage and healing classes)
    Pananeros(Start of the bow wielding classes)
    (Rest is up to your imaginations)
    2nd tier:
    Arniseros: Brawlers who gave up their strength for dual weapon mastery (agi,dex type)
    Putolaki: Brawlers who have used their strngth to wield the mighty heavy weopons (str,vit type)

    Sirana/Sireno: Voices who have been known to do incredible things at their enimies (wisdom, vit type)
    Tagsayawanan:Movement of these people can cause illutions to appear on their enemies (int, agi type)

    Engkanto- They are elementals that can throw an enemy some large amounts of damage (int,wisdom type)
    Albularyo- They are mages that deal with healing charms but can still wreck havoc occasionally on their enemies(vit,int type)

    Ibongmata- These are archers who are known for their longbows and acurate shots. (dex,agi type)
    Layotay- These are snipers of the archers making kills in a very distance. (dex, str type)

    (Rest Up to your Imagination)
    —————————————————— Prestige Classes: Special Classes that would only be available to those who meet the Class requirements:

    Usapan sa Mga Hayop- Beastmasters whose magical senses and abilities can call aid from the wild.
    Req: Warrior and Mage type Classes

    Rest is up to your imagination

    Hope that these will start a very good RPG and hope that that this helps…….. Im looking forward to a new MMORPG.

  • riza

    galing m0 nmn.. kaka-inlove… hmm.. play ako ng ro before yung offline.. nakaka addict xa,… hahaha
    cguro mas-nakaka addict yan…
    goodluck sa inyo… God bless.. =)

  • Ryuuk

    sana pursue mo GM Tristan, ill be one of the pinoy players in that game. surely i think it will be a big hit. lalo na’t pinoy gamers are hungry for more mmorpg nowadays.

    if i would be lucky enough, i will include these following concepts:

    nuno sa punso
    mga bayani (kawal kuno)
    pedro penduko

    jungle bolo
    moro-moro armor
    katipunan bolo
    palm stick
    baston (hehe)

    game interface:
    pinoy myth look (feel)

    max level: 99 (or up to 200)

    marami pako idea ehehehe sana ituloy nyo to.. magandang game yan kung sakali! more power! hehe

  • Jhane ;]

    AMP… miss qoh na Ragna.. ;]

  • dingusfungus

    basta a not so ethnic type. katulad nang anito shempre dapat makikitaan ng Filipino taste in general.

    -priority dapat ang uniqueness ng bawat characters kahit pareparehas sila ng job pero possibe parin nag magkakaiba sila ng use at abilities..(builds)

    -ok din ang idea ng pag shift shift ng mga jobs since this is one way to motivate players..

    -another is a good game balance,, may kanya kanyang weakness and strengths..

    -the idea about the panday, magikero,arbularyo and etc seems really interesting..

    -user friendly, I mean madaling mag trade, to chat and everything related for the players to socialize since karamihan din ng players eto ang habol..

    napakarame pang iba isa alang alang hindi lang sa itsura o tawag..

    Sad to say budget talaga ang naghoholdback sa mga designers naten. But I think in my opinion kayang kaya naman yan, ganun ba talaga kamahal ang pag develop ng isang game..

    anyway Im looking forward for this one..


  • http://http:variouscubicles.blogspot.com JB Barrios

    ….dream,,,dream big. sana may batang mayaman na mahilig a Games. I finance na lang niya.Count me in tutulungan ko kayo.


  • Emil Fencer Hatsuya

    We already have the first MMO Fighting Game, and that is…


    What we need now is an MMORPG!

  • rpge

    not to burst the bubble but i think that having it too philippine concentrated makes the game less appealing to people.

    for example, koreans don’t make korean mmo’s based entirely on korean culture/items/etc. as well as the japanese, they try to put in much more variety in the game taking aspects from all around the globe and putitng them together.

    although i do agree if it was possible for filipinos to create an mmo we should start to do so.

    it’s enough to put in filipino elements here and there, maybe a few monsters/bosses/items/settings/deities based on filipino folklore, but not so much entirely “filipinizing” the game.

    as long as it’s a filipino achievement which is appealing to everyone, not only filipino players, but to everyone else as well, that would be imho the “better achievement” and the best way to go. :)

  • Emil Fencer Hatsuya

    Now we have Bangu-Bang Mania, as our first MMO fighting game, what Philippines need is an MMORPG, or even an MMOFPS.

  • http://www.resumewave.com Lanthier

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    So I stayed up WAY too late the other night and got caught up into watching some infomercials and really liked one in particular. It struck me as funny and inetersting at the same time.

  • http://www.usfreeads.com/1763631-cls.html Bannowsky

    So I stayed up WAY too late the other night and got caught up into watching some infomercials and really liked one in particular. It struck me as funny and inetersting at the same time.

  • http://www.discoveryarticles.com/ Maclennan

    I could of sworn I read about this before. I forgot what website I’ve seen this on but nevertheless nice post.

  • http://www.discoveryarticles.com/ Holen

    I could of sworn I read about this before. I forgot what website I’ve seen this on but nevertheless nice post.

  • http://hostingmanor.com/recommends/santapola Rodrequez

    Creo que tienes razon, a mi en particular me paso algo parecido. Santa Pola

  • http://hostingmanor.com/recommends/santapola Sperazza

    Creo que tienes razon, a mi en particular me paso algo parecido. Santa Pola

  • nivadalinux

    ahhmm guys san ba pwede makadownlaod game na yan?

  • Germaine

    waaah pareho tayo! yun yung prinoposed naming thesis… and we are currently working on it.

  • moronsnail

    wow nakakaexcite naman ang forum na ito mahilig din kasi ako sa mga rpg at mmorgp eh sana nga matuloy to. maganda din siguro kung ibabase natin sa mga precolonial super heroes ng pilipinas (read philippine alamanac) tulad nila datu puti etc…

  • Jcca

    If you’re worried about the cost… why not make it open source? Linux got along well with minimal funds… ill be happy to help myself, and i know a lot of great filipino programmers :)

    email me if something comes up :)

  • CardinalSin

    Sana nga magkatotoo to ang tagal ko na hinihintay to. Eto ang pangarap ko at alam kong pangarap nyo rin na nais ntin matupad. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Mabuhay ang MMO ng Pilipinas!

    Grrrrr!!! Sigurado mag-aadik ako dito pagnagkataon.

  • nelra

    sana i-consider yung costumes…ewan but i don’t think it would be appealing if yung character na gagamitin ko is nakabahag…tattoos would be a plus as the guy above says…basta gandahan yung character design at yung mga skills. sana dn maka develop ng mmorpg na nakakadevelop ng intellectual skills lol…^^

  • http://traveltulummexico.com tulum mexico

    Really? Don’t misunderstand what I mean, I’m in agreement with you partly, but when you state something like this you have to be ready to defend it.

  • http://www.tattooaholic.com Val Fetrow

    Thanks for the great info, I will definitely be back!

  • egi

    Buhay pa ba ‘to? I hope so..

    I think marami na ideas. Pero nasimulan na ba ung planning stage ng SDLC?

    Meron na po ba mga programmers? How about the lead?

    I hope after ko mka-graduate eh makatulong ako dito. (Have experience in coding a game, un nga lng hindi un 3D, plus hindi rin real-time.)

    Drop me an email if meron na tayo na-start and ung website if any.

    Looking forward to contribute on this project!

  • Aize Toribio

    Pacifica Online MMORPG on facebook.
    pinoy-made MMORPG.
    If only the game have the same concept as this…

  • joey Villarosa

    di ko alam kung meron pang makakabasa nito… mga NPC mga binase sa time ni Jose Rizal tapos ang mga antagonist ung mga sasakop saatin(wag na syang gawing tao… gawin nyo n lng mga monster para masaya pwede rin ung leader tao) tapos tayong mga maglalaro ng game na to ung mga sasali sa katipunan, mga katipunero tayo hehe…ung mga NPC sila Melchora Aquino, Andres Bonifacio, Gabriela Silang at marami pang iba

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