I’ve always toyed with the idea of conceptualizing and designing an all-Filipino MMORPG, one that shouts “truly Pinoy”. It’s in my “career wish list”, so to speak.

I guess there’s nothing wrong with daydreaming. But I know we’re not far from achieving it. Some of my friends have already designed Anito, the first true Filipino PC game. But when I say Pinoy MMORPG, it should have real Filipino elements, culture and flavor. One that we can call our very own.

Join me as we go on a brainstorming rampage on how we create the MMORPG that WE want to play.

The Genre

First, we have to figure out the genre. For me, I’m narrowing the choice to Fantasy, Contemporary and Sci-Fi. If we go the fantasy way, there are several routes – one can go the classic Filipino heritage and legends way; where you’ll see aswangs, tikbalangs and kapres. Imagine a boss fight with a Mananggal and you’ll get what I mean. Classes or Jobs can be Panday, Salamangkero, Mankukulam, Faith Healer (Albularyo), or a Kawal (warrior). Weapons can be those from the days of Lapu-Lapu or the era of Carpio. Exciting indeed!

Local TV have also honed the creative talents of Filipinos with hits such as Mulawin and Engkantadia – these were of course inspired by the original Pinoy fantasy epic starring the late Fernando Poe Jr – Panday! This MMO that we’re designing can also derive skills, magic and races from these sources.

And we’re just starting! We can also design an MMO using contemporary or sci-fi angle. Remember the Bong Revilla movie Resiklo? It wasn’t fantastic but it could be a start. A post-apocalyptic Philippines. I can see now that the patches are going to be cities like Cebu or Davao. What can be more exciting than playing in areas that you are truly familiar with.


Magic and skills can also be derived from Philippine folklore and mythology. The provinces are a host to myriad of spells, incantations and rituals. “Mang Kepweng, pede pa baps?!?”. You get what I mean? Who needs elems or boss cards when you can craft and fashion your very own Agimats? Coolnezz!

We also have scores of weapons and even martial arts that we can use. Eskrima quickly comes to mind. I wonder what the pre-requisites for the skill will be? The game should be skill-based so that players can combine the best elements from Philippine myth.


I’m sure that this will be a reality one day. The only thing stopping us is the cost. There’s nothing lacking when it comes to talent or ideas (this article is proof that there are lot of good sources to cull from). I’m positive that this will be a definite hit. It’s not a joke to create and design a complete MMORPG. It can take a couple of years plus, game balance will always be a big issue.

But at least we’ve started the ball rolling.

If you were to be included in the design team, what would you want to have in our OWN GAME?

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