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Justin Bieber Shot Dead

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At least in one of the CSI TV series that is…

Check out the video after the break.


Ang Tunay Na Diwa ng EDSA

Today, we celebrate 25 years since a bloodless revolution toppled a dictatorship in EDSA.

We witnessed a new government, new faces, and some changes. But were these changes for the better? Some argue that nothing changed. The same corrupt system, the same “palakasan” woes plague our society. Only the time and the personalities changed and we’re still stuck in a rut.


Only in Japan: Ebisu Muscats

What’s better than an all-girl J-pop dance group?

Well… how about 25 top Japanese AV and gravure idols all teaming up and forming the group known as Ebisu Muscats?


Celebs like Sora Aoi, Yuma Asami, Risa Kasumi and Minori Hatsune comprise this awesome girl group. See them perform their hit dance number; “Banana Mango High School” after the break…. don’t forget to share, ok?


Finished: Star Wars AT-AT and Diorama


At last, am finally done with this project. I started during the Christmas break and was finally able to do the snow/Hoth scene dio.

Check out more of the pics after the break. I promise to upload my Work-In-Progress (W.I.P.) photos and notes soon.


Time Traveler Caught On Camera?

Take a look at the photo above. This was taken in 1940 during the Reopening of the South Fork Bridge in the US of A.

Do you spot the suspicious time-traveling man? He appears to be wearing modern shades, a printed shirt and is holding what appears to be DSLR? No, this image was not photoshopped and appears in the Bralone Museum.


China’s Hottest Teacher


Her name is Zhu Songhua, 30 years old and is a primary teacher at China’s Jiangsu Nantong grade school.

She measures 34-26-34 and is single.

Boy, I’d love to be Elementary again. Don’t forget to share.


First EXP Mod For Allods. Feb 14 to 21

Yup. That’s right.

We have the first EXP mod event for Allods Online Philippines (2X). And it’s up from Feb 14 to 21, 2011

I heard that this stacks with the EXP items. Time to top up now and hit the item mall. Spread the word, folks (hit the share button below). And if you’re still not playing Allods, REGISTRATION IS FREE.

Awesome Rendition of Mario on a Mech Suit

Mario looks dashingly cool in this interpretation of him on Mech Powersuit.

More photos follow…


Probably The Best Zombie Video Game Trailer. Ever.

Zombies and games. You think they’ve already thought about all iterations, concepts and creative executions for us to give the genre a second look? Not.

Well, feast your eyes on the trailer below for Dead Island. Set to be released this year (no hard dates yet).


The Basics of Position in Poker

Continuing my “amateur series” of poker tips, it’s time now to talk about position in poker and how that equates to developing a strategy that will enable you to win more pots and lose less.

Again, I’m no pro. But these basics were gleaned by personal experience, a lot of research and simple logic (and of course, a lot of trials, testings and practice).

Let’s start, shall we?


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