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GM Raijunta’s Perfect World

Continuing the series of Perfect World’s Your World, Your Game campaign, here’s the newest featured PW celebrity, new community manager GM Raijunta.


StarCraft 2 Will Be Available As a Trilogy

The first person experience/campaign for StarCraft 2 for Terrans, Protoss and Zerg will not be available in one box.

Instead, Blizzard will offer each in a separate product, a trilogy. The first one will be StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty for the Terrans. A lot of comments and feedback from fans of the game called Blizzard “money grabbing @$$-hats”


Artificial Content

One of the problems of being a game publisher are (often) the lack of regular and steady content from developers. A lot of users often mistake publishers for being developers as well. For the record, a publisher is a company such as ours, Level Up. We are the ones who buy the game, license it and operate it in the country. We have the rights to market it and even host it in local servers. But we DO NOT have the rights to design, fix, or tamper with the game design or the codes in any way. That privilige belongs to the DEVELOPER – the ones who designed and program the game.

Now that we’ve got that straight, let’s get into the meat of this post (more…)

Vladimir Putin Reviews Call of Duty 4

See more gamer videos at PWN or DIE

All press coverage and the web is about Obama today, eh? Why not give ex-Russian prez Vladimir Putin some airtime?

Let me share with you a hilarious spoof of Mr. Putin doing a review for Call of Duty 4 which I saw at Must see!

For more funny videos, head on over to Geekzkrieg – the ultimate geek magazine on the web!

Rohan PH Site and Blog Now Up

Great news!

We just launched the official website and blog of Rohan Online Philippines. Point your browsers to

Thanks to everyone in the team who helped finish this project – our EIC Kevin Codamon, Lead Designer Daqs, Producer Neil, PM Alex, Chase Gosingtian and to everyone else who pitched in. Great job, if I may so myself. Meanwhile, Chase and I will be posting regular updates and our dev journals at the blog and plurk so always drop by and tell all your friends!

Vengeance is always an option!

Hello Kitty Online Official Trailer

Thought I’d share with you the official trailer of Hello Kitty Online, our newest game from Sanrio Digital.

This is game is sooooo cute. You’ll have tons of fun when you play it with your friends. Hello Kitty Online is slated for an early 2009 release. So watch out for that!


Rohan Character Classes


There are six (6) races in Rohan. Each is locked to a specific “role”. For example, Dark Elves are basically mages, Humans are Knights, and so on. The six races are Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Dekan, Dhan, and Dark Elf.

I compiled the basic job descriptions of each for your convenience below.

Just one more click, dude…


Get Connected via the Rohan Plurk


If you want the latest news and tidbits on Rohan, follow the official Rohan plurk at

If you’re a plurker, just add us. If not, go ahead and register here. Meanwhile, while you’re at it, you can also add mine.


Gmail Now Has Themes


When I opened up my Gmail, I got a welcome surprise. Gmail now offers themes! Woot!

You can choose from around 30 or so new themes. “We wanted to go beyond simple color customization, so out of the 30 odd themes we’re launching today, there’s a shiny theme with chrome styling, another one that turns your inbox into a retro notepad, nature themes that change scenery over time, weather driven themes that can rain on your mailbox, and fun characters to keep you in good company,” mentions Gmail’s blog.


Ragnarok Player Composes Theme for Survivor Philippines


Most of you, when not gaming, may be glued to your TV sets watching GMA 7’s Survivor Philippines, yes?

Do you know that a Ragnarok player composed the new theme song for this Survivor series? It’s none other than good friend and pRO veteran Master Diwa de Leon. Diwa’s a pro violinist known to most also a cosplayer, a film maker, composer and good Ragnarok player. Talent and creativity is this guy’s middle name! He and co-creator Edwin Guillermo even bagged the 2nd place of the LIVE 2008 Filmfest with their entry Hindi Ako Botter (where I get a special cameo appearance. Woot!).

Listen to the song and my interview with MD after the break…


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