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LIVE 2007 Entrance System

Konting tulog na lang!

Malapit na po ang pinakamalaking online gaming event ng 2007!

To make your life a little easier, here’s a quick and easy guide for you to go by.

For P50.00 here’s what you get (last year, it was P20 for one day… but check out below)

  • 2 days pass to Level Up LIVE
  • P20 Level Up Top-Up card
  • FREE LEVEL UP GAMER SIM (with Smart P30 load)
  • FREE in-game item of your choice (see below)
  • Chance to win in daily raffle (see below)

Check out the COMPLETE MECHANICS after the jump


Philippine Ragnarok Valkyrie Website Updated

Hey! The RO team has just informed me that they already updated the Valkyrie Website.

Notable changes include new entries for the item mall, server changes, drop rates and more.

As a teaser, let me share with you what stuff and information you can glean from the site

  • Item changes
  • NPC changes
  • Server Experience rate setting
  • Server Drop rate setting
  • PK Map settings and rules
  • List of PK Maps
  • MVP drop changes
  • MVP reward changes

For the complete list of updates, hit jump!


Casual Games Means Opportunity For Mobile

In a study conducted by I-Play, a wholly owned mobile subsidiary of casual games company Oberon Media, of 1,000 online casual games players visiting partner game sites, they found out that casual game players are more likely to play games on their mobile phone.

This is good news for first-movers like our Level Up Mobile platform.

Here are key stats according to that survey:

  • 38 percent of casual online games customers already play games on their mobile phones
  • 45 percent said they would play their favorite online games (if available) on mobile devices
  •  22 percent of respondents said they play games on their mobile phones
  • 16 percent said they “sometimes” play.


Gamer Babe: Luna

I first met Luna when I was writing about Anino Entertainment’s PC Game, Anito.

That seemed like an eternity ago.

I was working back then for Fast Forward magazine and PC World. Ever since, we’ve become good friends and bump on occasion on conferences, expos and shows. Luna is a very intelligent and and extremely ‘well read’ woman. She’s sweet, charming and witty. Her devotion to her work and to the industry is meticulous. I guess that’s why she’s perfect for her chosen field. But sometimes, as I wrote before, being a girl in a testosterone-laden industry is tough.

After some serious pleading, I finally succeed in getting her to agree to being featured as a GM T Gamer Babe. Luna’s currently into RF Online (which has gone FREE TO PLAY btw)

Thanks for the opportunity, Luna!

Luna’s interview after one more click…


Hitman The Movie

The latest “game to film” adaptation, Hitman is set to be released to the big screen this November 21.

In Hitman the movie, our anti-hero, Agent 47 is an international assassin who works for a group known only as “The Agency”.

Hitman the movie stars Timothy Olyphant. You will probably remember him as Thomas Gabriel and co-stars alongside Bruce Willis in Live Free and Die Hard (2007).

The teaser trailer shows very little. There are mixed reactions from both gamer and non-gamer critics

Watch the HITMAN TRAILER after the jump>> (more…)

Myspace Helps Catch Killer

Who said SNS sites can’t do any good? Just recently, police in Oakland, USA were able to catch a murderer by logging in and finding clues on the myspace website.

Soon after, the authorities were able to apprehend the suspect in the senseless killing of San Leandro High School football player Greg “Doody” Ballard, Jr. According to Bay Area news station KTVU’s website; Police say 19-year-old Dwayne Stancill didn’t have a reason — couldn’t give a reason — for killing the popular San Leandro High School football player.

“There was no argument. There were no harsh words. There was no … anything that would normally provoke a violent response from someone from what we typically see,” explained Oakland Police Sergeant Tony Jones. “He told us he just shot him.”

Police also said that they were able to identify Stancill via clues they got from his gang’s myspace page.


Join the GM Tristan Blog Carnival

Alright, I have to admit… the first title that came to mind was “If You Don’t Join My Blog Carnival Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later”. Whew. That would have been a rather long perma-link URL so I opted to the more prudent and direct call to action title above.

Ok. I joined a few months ago but was not particularly active. I went back to the site and found that it has increased page hits and an even better Alexa ranking. This just means that carnivals are gaining popularity. Even the so-called gurus of blogging have written about trying carnivals to expand your blog networks and generate hits.

But you might be wondering what a blog carnival is?

According to

To understand what a blog carnival is, consider some examples. Here is the first edition of Carnival of the Vanities (one of the earliest blog carnivals). Carnivals can be very descriptive like this one, or very concise, like this one. Find the style the fits your topic and time schedule.


The New Girls, Games and Gadgets

Ah… the joys of waking up late on a Monday!

No work! Bwahahaha… promised myself that I’d blog to relax before the toxic week of LIVE.

Just recently, after studying the keywords searched on google that referred me, I decided to slightly shift the focus of my blog and focus on three new things (well, not TOTALLY new… I’ve been covering that for nearly 3 quarters now).

Aside from the usual fare of Level Up and game/community related news, I’ll be focusing on GIRLS, GAMES and GADGETS. This does not mean that it will be a radical change. If Waukster and other LU bloggers cover more “game-centric” news, I’ll be catering to the more broad spectrum of news and content.

Level Up and the “inside-scoop” will still be here, of course. Not to mention the uber-successful Gamer Babe portion. But recently, some of my friends have noticed that they go to my blog and find it akin to a men’s magazine covering mostly the topics that they want. Think Maxim, FHM or Stuff and you’ll know what I mean.


Alodia Tops Animax Kawaii Girls Contest

Philippine Otaku and Cosplay goddess, Alodia Gosengfiao has topped 8 other girls in the recently concluded Animax Kawaii Girls online voting contest.

She’s the lucky winner of P100,000 worth of stuff from Levi’s.

Photo below is c/o Alodia’s DeviantArt gallery.

Congrats, Alodia! You rock!!!


Level Up LIVE 2007 Tournament Prizes

The Philippines’ BIGGEST and BADDEST online gaming tournament is just around the corner.

At November 3 and 4, all roads will lead to the World Trade Center as various teams and individuals compete for over 1.6 MILLION in total cash and prizes at stake!

I already blogged about the cash prizes for the side events and this time, I’ll be telling you how much the champions and the runner-ups can take home. As you may know, most of the games will have 2 teams who will be vying for the championship in their respective games in either a best-of-3 or best-of-5 (depending on the game and match rules).

For Day 1 (Saturday), here are the game finals that will be featured

  • Pangya
  • Khan
  • FlyFF
  • Perfect World

Day 2 (Sunday) will feature the finals for:

  • Freestyle
  • RF Online
  • Ragnarok

The complete list of cash and in-kind prizes after the jump!


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