10 Tips for Faster Power Leveling

One of the “constants” about online games and MMORPG is the grind. It’s a design factor which limits the players from becomming “too-powerful-too-fast”. Some games have more grind than most and some have inherrent systems where you could level up faster. This is either through quests or crafting, like in the case of Perfect World.

A lot of people complain that Power-Leveling or “PL” to some is hard work. I can’t say that I disagree. PL is really hard, otherwise, everyone in his brother would reach the level cap in a matter of days.

But there are some ways and systems which I’ll share with you in order for you to PL wisely and effectively. Like everything else, it’s both an art and a science. PL is number-crunching. You’ll have to learn some advanced methods if you want to keep up with the “superstars” of the community.

The 10 Tips after one more click, chief!

GM Tristan’s Power Leveling Tips

  1. Play More. But don’t play too much. You should know your limits. Some people “share” their accounts or have another player pilot it. Although, I do not endorse this kind of activity due to security concerns, the logic behind this is “two heads are better than one”.
  2. Optimize Your Build. You should optimize your build for PVE if you want to PL. Know the “ins and outs” of your game. Try to check why types of monsters give out the most EXP and tweak your build to go against those.
  3. Optimize Your Gear. In the same light, your weapons (attack) and armors (defence) should be optimized for PL. There are games which use the “elements” so you should do your homework on this.
  4. Know Where They Are. By this you should know which areas AND which monsters give you the most EXP for the shortest amount of time. You can do this by trial-and-error or you can…
  5. Ask. Go to the boards, the forums or ask your guildmates or friends. Obviously, those who are higher level than you can give you tips which you can use for better PL.
  6. Finish Those Quests. By logical game design, quests are designed to give you the most gain for the least amount of effort. It generally follows that quests will give you more EXP (and also some loot and money) than just grind and hack-and-slash. Know what the quests are for your levels and do them.
  7. Do Business Online. Of course, not RMT or PHP (bawal yun!). By this, I mean that you should fund your PL campaign. The higher level you get, the more money (ingame currency) you will need for supplies, consumables, refining and upgrading. You should set-up a simple “buy and sell” business for this. There’s only one simple rule – BUY LOW, SELL HIGH.
  8. PL with a party – Party PL is efficient and fun. ‘Nuff said.
  9. Get a faster connection. Time is your weapon. But when that weapon is dulled by lag, you get nowhere. Either you get a faster connection or play in an internet cafe that has one. The less lag means the less your PL is interrupted.
  10. Do your homework. This article will explain to you the values of getting the right information (and where to look for them) for your game. Knowledge is gold!

There you go! I hope the tips above help!

Happy PLing!


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  • Lotharlocnar

    So to sum it up your saying be as good as ya can be. Kill the good monsters,get help,sell off items for profit…etc.. Gee what an insightful blog.

  • Blackwolf

    Insight is there if you look hard enough. Not all advice is applicable to everyone. What we take for granted as common sense is not as common as people think it is. These tips are general advice for just about any MMORPG out there.

    As you seem to need more specific insight, perhaps what you seek can be found somewhere else? Perhaps a blog specifically for the MMORPG you play?

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  • Anonymous

    Have you ever heard the fact that sometimes, the things you want goes by hard work? That you actually have to work hard, or a lot, to get something you want?

    I’m afraid to say it – I’ve gotten up to level 11 within two days, while playing Perfect World – But you, and everyone else, has to work hard in something, to reap the prize.

    I want to get to that level 30 to finally be able to both attack a certain monster, and grab a Flying-Mount. I want to buy those Two-Billion Horse-Mounts. Heck, I want my name known everywhere! But I’m the one who is hardly doing much to improve my level and fame …
    So’s yeah.

    Can’t always get what you want …
    Sometimes, you’ve got to work hard to get the things you want …
    You have to be willing to spare your time to it …
    Never give up …
    And don’t be afraid to try attacking few levels higher than yourself. ;)

  • lotharlocnar

    Working hard is passe, it’s how smart one works that get them the results needed. Also as in alot of MMORPG’s one cannot get what they want by themselves, which takes friends, and like the real world some have them and some o not. Those with a bad attitude or ones that are very immature usually lose more friends than they make or could make. However I hear that when six or so asians all in the same room that have a good company paying them to level characters,get the best items,raise reputation and such actually get very far with characters they are working on.Imagine that!!!

  • Lothar Loc’Nar

    In MMORPGs if one has ,for the sake of arguement, 6 buddies that all could have accounts and play everyday for example 6 hours. every night they help each other level and give the best items they find to the character amongst them that can use it and then sell their spoils that they can’t use. Finally they all get to max level in that particular game. Now they have or make a guild,each one has a craft skill/skills that benefit each other and they sell via a bank toon. they as a group go in the various “instances” obtain “the best” items per instance that each can use and go on to outfit them selves with the best there is per level/instance…etc. This is all fine and good but then there’s the people who do not have that friend base or the time. Why are they dealt out? Why can’t a game come out that supports people who have a life other than gaming for half a day everyday? Seems to me that MMORPGs kow tow to the Asian mainstream groups who exploit manpower and drive the enjoyment out of the game from the viewpoint of the common guy in Europe or the US that would love to have the items and powerful characters the Asian groups have without paying at least 2-3K USD to have an Asian group get them for him/her.

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